iPod Nano Unboxing (2012)

Other places I hang out: FaceBook Fan Page: goo.gl Twitter: twitter.com Instagram: markwatson Google+: goo.gl Gaming Channel: youtube.com Get the Official SoldierKnowsBest Apps: iPhone: goo.gl Android: goo.gl In this video, I do my iPod Nano unboxing. This is the latest verison for the year 2012 and Apple makes it bigger. Sporting a 2.5 in multi-touch display, Bluetooth 4.0, weighing in at 1.1 ounces and only being 0.21 in thick, this may be the perfect iPod for you when you're on the go.

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24 Responses to iPod Nano Unboxing (2012)

  1. Gunny11795 says:

    How do you get? all this stuff??

  2. eyal cohen says:

    did u eat them?

  3. Homosapienman214 says:

    I would fuck? the shit outta that thing

  4. KingCarl77 says:

    Woah,? you’re right! They do share an uncanny resemblance…

  5. KingCarl77 says:


  6. Paris Avila says:

    I like apple but this is basically a mini iPod touch so? there isn’t really a point in buying it. But I like the vids so keep em coming

  7. Ewerton Emmanuel says:

    Actually it looks like a mini Nokia Lumia.? Except for the home button.

  8. ShilohOMG says:

    it’s complete crap -_- oh? Apple oh Apple….

  9. TheSlenderMedia says:

    Is it just me that’s noticed the new iPod Nano shell is the same design as the very first iPod Nano except thinner and a full touch screen??

  10. juan deutsch says:

    HOUSE TOUR!!!!?

  11. SoldierKnowsBest says:

    Just one or? two….hundred.

  12. CheezyBob1998 says:

    I wouldn’t upgrade from 6th gen to this. I would call it a downgrade since not much difference in terms of music and they made it bigger and more expensive. I would rather get a 6th gen and? use it as a watch…

  13. TechieLasiru says:

    The design looks just like a Nokia Lumia. Such a? shame that apple is starting to take designs from other people.

  14. WizeNinjaNutz says:


  15. IIITechIII says:

    i dont? like it… it should be better if the icons were a squared… this doesnt look like apple in my opinion… sorry for my english

  16. Vamire6666 says:

    an other apple cheap? product made in china with total cost of 1000% and more.
    Go to tinydeal to buy 100 like this shit with the same price :)

  17. Hullspawn says:

    I kinda wish they’d of sneaked? a camera in there somewhere even if it was only a 3mp plus it’d be good if I could upload my books from the iBook store so I had them to hand if I was stuck but what I want most is wireless streaming of my tunes from my iPhone or iPad directly to my nano so I don’t have to connect it to my now pretty much redundant laptop

  18. HoodMong says:

    Not really? into this iPod

  19. d00raid says:

    Does this? nano have speakers?

  20. charlynet7jcmg says:

    I will buy it this weekend, but I would like to here the Mark review just? in case :P

  21. Kennedy Taylor says:

    Honestly, they added a home button made it larger and it has bluetooth. Combine the 6 th gen and the new one!!! They will have a huge success! Thin home button power button clip on back that you? can push into the nano bluetooth!! Thats it! Should be no more then a cm thick!

  22. patricka371 says:

    They should put browser on there? it would be funny

  23. wwdONELOVEallday2 says:

    they should start making apps for this? bad boy!

  24. Alieaser says:

    and? those instruction manuals…

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