iPod Nano – First look

cnet.co The new Nano brings video back: a quick hands-on from Apple's event.

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25 Responses to iPod Nano – First look

  1. Deyvit Perez says:

    Lumia copy…?

  2. YourPistola says:

    can someone please tell me what was wrong with the scroll wheel ipods?? The nano with the camera was the best ipod ever created? in my opinion

  3. c0c0puffz says:

    How will you be able? to work out with it with no strap or watchband?

  4. Sanat Jha says:

    Apple Fanboy but this sucks, no camera and also no longer can be? used as watch. Disappointed. Just one thing satisfying is Video Playback.

  5. Avinash Singh says:

    I like? it.

  6. jesopz2 says:

    So….. Where is the video camera the? 5th had it. I’m so disappointed, bad Apple.

  7. dtam36 says:

    Like my? philips player

  8. MtnDewFan says:

    WTF! Is this shit I will definitely not buy this I would rather buy the older one with the? camera now that was a great iPod nano

  9. f1117530171 says:

    i swear, if apple could somehow throw GPS functionality for the Nike+ Running app (or any other app? for that matter), i would be completely sold on this damn thing.

  10. HantimNIG says:

    i typed? ipod nana


    I smell? a lawsuit

  12. windjohnson says:

    least attractive ipod nano of all time
    what’s with the apple’s product this time?
    they all? look kinda ugly ??

  13. ImJustKiddingDude says:

    they weren’t even copying Nokia, they already had this design all the way back when they make the iPod mini,? just that it has a touch screen now. I’m not an Apple fanboy anyway, just saying.

  14. King Randall says:

    Steps to making a revolutionary product:
    1.) Steal the M&M-shaped app style from the PlayStation Vita OS, I mean, Sony’s not using it right anyways.
    2.) Make it look like a? Nokia device so all those old people who wanted a Windows Phone would get confused and buy an iPod instead.
    3.) If it’s shiny and has the Apple logo, it’s already a bestseller.

  15. acstewart4 says:

    I hated the last nano. I like this one though I? preferred the nano with the camera

  16. AserHapi says:

    So I can’t? clip this one to my belt like my current nano?

  17. MrAcornBurrka says:

    fuck that looks nice?

  18. iloveyoshi0xo says:

    bulky? you’ve got to be kidding? me

  19. 305dadecounty305 says:

    The only reason I’m getting this it’s bc it? has Bluetooth. If it didn’t I would’ve gotten the square one

  20. PedroNGCProductions says:

    This? is ugly. The iPod Touch looks nice, but this is butt-ugly. And round icons? Wow, Apple. Wow.

  21. msmsbluesky says:

    This is like in between the iPod touch? and the 6th Nano.

  22. graham12795 says:

    will you be able to change the background of the? homescreen??

  23. juan13gaga says:

    Just called it iPod touch mini?

  24. itsedddyyy says:

    If it had a camera, even a crappy one, I’d buy it. I? think that’s where they screwed up. And a share to twitter function would be cool too!

  25. digitalrbn says:

    i need a? camera in that thing

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