How to Transfer Music from Ipod to Itunes Library

Have your ever wanted to get music from an iPod to your iTunes? Here is how. Watch this video and learn how to transfer music from an iPod to iTunes in 6 min…

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25 Responses to How to Transfer Music from Ipod to Itunes Library

  1. Sam Packham says:

    Logged in just to say thank you very, very much. After an update I found my library was deleted, and every time I opened iTunes it would move the iTunes Library and Genius files to my? recycle bin. Rather than putting everything back in manually I tried this method (as the files on my ipod are nicely organised. Over 8500 tracks wouldn’t be fun to pick through and sort) Despite some missing artwork this worked perfectly. You’re a motherfucking king.

  2. Lyca31 says:

    if you have windows 7.. click start, open the control panel.. click appearance and personalization.. then underneath the folder options? click the “show hidden files and folders” link..

  3. Lyca31 says:

    Thank you so much.. My old pc crashed and until now I was unable to get all my songs back? on my itunes :)

  4. Julia Snoops says:


  5. John Paul Eliseo says:

    thanks? bud..:-)

  6. scarydrummr93 says:

    You sir, are the? epitome of deserves-a-medal.

  7. flaque Nay says:

    me too T.T?

  8. TurtleMonkeigh says:

    It says mine is a? camera

  9. skylar cudmore says:

    when i open my ipod? device it only shows one folder why is this?

  10. R. Adams says:

    Thank you for this video. I will name one? of my bastard spawn in your honor, good sir.

  11. EnterTheFlea says:

    Can’t even find? the tools option on mine.

  12. Jessica Martinez says:

    One problem, my ipod does not show on my? computer. It automatically goes to my itunes.

  13. SLYdawg131 says:

    what if my ipod only says that there’s DCIM? storage?? help someone

  14. ness1729 says:

    You are my hero…? I have been going crazy since my computer crossed and I lost all my music… You solved my problem in less then 30 minutes…

  15. SydneyMeNot says:

    thank? you. thank you. thankyou!!!!

  16. Saffy Ron says:

    thanks for your help with this, it’s great to know there are people out there able to help when the likes of Apple don’t want to? help you and would rather you go and purchase and put all of your music back on. It makes it very difficult when your pc’s hdd has gone to heaven when they don’t want to help at all

  17. The3rdWorld805 says:

    my ipod doesnt show up as? a removable storage device. its not in my computer or anything, but it does show up in itunes. assistance is greatly appreciated

  18. VALObrand says:

    doesn’t work. there is only one folder of pictures when i? plug in my ipod

  19. Pirita2009 says:

    Thanks, well? done!!

  20. Kai Marshall says:

    doesnt work? help

  21. Elvin Valentin says:

    Thanks, worked great!?



  23. petoetjuh says:

    Thanks a ton!?

  24. Karthik Marimuthu says:

    it? works AWESOME

  25. JNUndying says:

    Wow.Thanks a bunch man. Only took my like 12 videos to get the correct one >_>. Most were just macs. But I finally got My music into my library!!! Thanks a bunch? you were very helpful.

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