How to Restore your Zune HD

This guide will show you how you can restore your Zune HD.

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22 Responses to How to Restore your Zune HD

  1. Martha Maldonado says:

    When? I connect my Zune to my computer, it doesn’t want to sync to the computer or the software.
    Can you tell me what’s wrong?

  2. Ericsimagination says:

    Best tut i’ve seen yet.? Thanks!

  3. DjStiv3 says:

    no wonder the zune tanked…? microsoft is only good for the windows OS… the xbox sucks, mp3 players suck, bing search sucks… everything they do blows

  4. Ron Wilcox says:

    Update. I just threw my zune hd in the trash. What? a great feeling. Just ordered a iPod Touch.

  5. Ron Wilcox says:

    The Zune, not the video, is a POS.?

  6. Ron Wilcox says:

    I agree. ? I did what the video said and nothing happens. WHAT A POS!!!!

  7. DjStiv3 says:

    garbage tried it zune software aint doing shit what a piece of shit mp3 player?

  8. Keri Smith says:

    This appears to run a software version update. Does this also restore? the Zune to factory defaults?

  9. wickked11 says:

    my zune hd works fine just the screen is greenish the touch screen and internet,music everything works the? screen is not cracked but the screen color is green any idea on how to fix this

  10. knighthawkslayer01 says:

    is there any way to restore? the content such as the notes from the app, my notes just erased and i didnt want that

  11. BoomBoxCentral says:

    My Zune Wont? even turn on what can i do

  12. misscarter430 says:

    my zune hd is stuck? on battery charging mode…help!

  13. BadGizmo says:

    Yes? it will erase all of the content

  14. Mickey4u says:

    before i try? – – need to know, does this erase the content on the zune device??

  15. bobby lok says:

    mines? too did you ever fixed it ?

  16. samthefuturerocker says:

    thats the only thing i? hate about the zne

  17. Austin Agli says:

    i know…like i plug mine in and nothing? happens…

  18. samthefuturerocker says:

    its driving? me crazy, my computer dosent support the zune software

  19. Austin Agli says:

    same? with me…

  20. samthefuturerocker says:

    i accidently held the home and power button at the same time and? now its stuck on the connect your zune to your pc thing, i cant get it back and it cant restore it what do i do?

  21. jr4real1 says:

    myne says it not? reconized

  22. frank l says:

    wow thanks.? You’re my hero

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