How to reset iPod Touch password if you’ve forgotten or lost it – Fix iPod Disabled message

Unlock disabled iPod. Step by step guide on how to restore the password for your iPod Touch if you forgot the password

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25 Responses to How to reset iPod Touch password if you’ve forgotten or lost it – Fix iPod Disabled message

  1. Prue Noller says:

    big thank you!

  2. erbro420 says:

    If I back up files will it save? my pics?

  3. brandonh23200 says:

    does it restore? apps

  4. Moses Musa says:

    it can? reset my app store?

  5. socal kidd says:

    it wont finish? restoring on mine

  6. Kiran Ramaprasad says:

    Thanks a ton man!! Worked like a? breeze!!

  7. peachez304 says:

    The video is slow can someone type? what to dooooo!!! Please

  8. Davon King says:

    my ipod wont? work

  9. Tim Davis says:

    You are fucking awesome, thank you? soooo much!

  10. minecraftmen2000 says:

    does this? still work now

  11. pet3r23 says:

    thanks heaps mann :) :)?

  12. MOKUBAN says:

    you gotta hold the button for a little while so it can start? on the recovery mode

  13. 1234567890nam says:

    excellent video. worked like balls. it mean? good.

  14. HEPACO07 says:

    I tried twice, and I get an error window saying ” iTunes could not back up the iPod because it is locked with a pass code. You must enter your pass code on the iPod before it can be backed up” ANY? SUGGESTIONS HERE???

  15. Sashaa Ben says:

    Mine says its ‘Downloading 1 item, 7 hours remaining’. Oh my god! But atleast it’s working!? Thanks bro!

  16. kaylee leaming says:

    so my? ipod keeps restarting in the middle of extracting and is still locked ..can you help me out?

  17. MrShirye says:

    my ipod restarts out of safe mode, in the middle of? the update or the extracting, and than stay locked again. Wtf?

  18. KEVIN MCDANIEL says:

    thanks? man helped alot

  19. inazumagta48 says:


  20. Tristan Phillips says:

    can you help mine? says error. why is it saying that? i forgot my pasword and its not letting me do that on itunes

  21. zactheminecraftgamer says:

    omg thx

  22. Scott Bumgardner says:

    Worked like a charm…. now I? can help others!!

    Thank you!!

  23. Lucia Barrera says:

    Omg!!! Thank? you!!!

  24. MrNonzerogrunt says:

    Does doing this? deleted passwords to email accounts?

  25. Kim Ryan says:


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