How to Reformate a Zune 30GB

This is a tutorial on how to clear all contents and reformat Zune 30GB Player.

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23 Responses to How to Reformate a Zune 30GB

  1. Fuhrdaddy says:

    Mine just loads up normally?

  2. MegaZer0 says:

    my zune says it’s completely used up with nothing on it. is this a common problem or is it just me? It’s been like this for? a few years and i’m just getting to fixing it now.

  3. dtovar2 says:

    This? fixed my issue. Thanks.

  4. John Heiman says:

    my zune is? still slow omfg!!

  5. edwinoscr says:


  6. Jack Helliquinn says:


  7. emmapeace97 says:

    thank you? thank you thank you!

  8. du0lol says:

    Dude,? you just saved my Zune. Thanks for the info. :3

  9. RodJim21 says:

    Thanks For the Info , I ve been looking for the answer for? weeks!! It worked for me !!!!

  10. lilmissrudy2tone says:

    If this didnt work for you, it is because of some other? issue like your computer, hardware, virus, or user error. This is the correct microsoft procedure.

  11. lilmissrudy2tone says:

    Instant and informative? answer. Worked great.

  12. Bryan Pitts says:

    Worked great.?

  13. Cynical0range says:

    i think you? might’ve saved my zune. thank you!

  14. babybel7bella says:

    i fryed my zume when i tryed this

  15. ishouldplayzelda says:

    nope :(?

  16. Shenzi Sixaxis says:

    So? did it?

  17. ishouldplayzelda says:

    mine is really fucked up. restarting, freezing, missing? library. i hope this fixes it

  18. litcheys says:

    On version? 2 devices (Zune 4/8/80/120gb) Press and hold Back + Play/Pause to clear content, or press and hold Back + OK + Play/Pause to reformat

  19. Ivan Darko says:

    Thank a? million!

  20. Tomek TOMMY-S Szpojnarowicz says:

    thanx :)?

  21. jack ripper says:

    thanks works like a? charm

  22. Grant Stovold says:

    this works? thanks m8

  23. ph760 says:

    still dont? work?…anymore suggestions

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