How to put Games on your Zune

Zune program on computer CAN NOT be open when you do all this PreGameLobby forms (tells you how to do everything i said…

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25 Responses to How to put Games on your Zune

  1. Yaowa ThreeHunna says:

    xna link doesnt work..

  2. lizrdskin says:

    on your zune,when you go to the game it will say play or uninstall

  3. NooonVideos says:

    tyvm took a while to download everything but now that i got it thanks!!!!

  4. Yaowa ThreeHunna says:

    xna game studio, doesnt work :O

  5. Carrot Stiks says:

    o.O rly~~ well… tell me when after u call them.. tyty i cant believe u
    actually reply ..ur cool

  6. Shegotthlook says:


  7. slipknotpyrowhatelse says:

    thanx alot

  8. tisfatness says:

    2 QUESTIONS 1. does the programs cause viruses? 2. why do u need the xla
    studio with the express thing

  9. sample32 says:

    Awesome tutorial, i had 1 game, Hexic HD, but it got deleted sumhow, btw,
    what is the name of the third song?

  10. Lemetry69 says:

    lol ty helped alot i hav the exact same zune, an i love the end “STOP” made
    me laugh =]

  11. Iron Amethyst A70 says:

    there is NO build option

  12. Thechamp527 says:

    Korn playing in the background was nice but distracting lol

  13. Bigpoppa00 says:

    Man…I go most of the way without problems, until it comes to the point of
    deploying the game. I get error messages that say that the collapse project
    was built with the CTP version so I cant do it using the visual c# 2008
    express..Any way to go around this? I noticed its the same version as yours
    but to me it doesnt work…anything I can do to get through that?

  14. Inukarusu says:

    Question will all of the downloads like mess up the computre if I try to
    download them the right way to put a game on the zune. Cuz I don’t want to
    go through all of the stress just by doing all of this. I have thw two
    files but I’m afraid to move on

  15. TankManer says:

    i have vista and visual basic 2008 will not install….

  16. ThatCrazyRocker says:

    delete it and try another

  17. Supertomiman says:

    yeah but how do you remove the word games from the menu?

  18. ArenRakus11 says:

    how do you download zune instant messenger… i really wannakno

  19. R.J. Arsenault says:

    thank you soooo much I was soooo bored with all the games already on this

  20. krnguy100 says:

    hey when I click deploy an error comes out on the bottom part of C#…

  21. Booklvr777 says:

    just wondering what song is playing? lol

  22. FIZ2L3 says:

    Yes..and after i upload gay porno to my zune, It keeps restarting, i need
    help ppl?

  23. Lewey17 says:

    hmm i dont know i havent come across that problem. id go to zune boards and
    ask them cause theyll prob know more about it then me. sry i cant help :-(

  24. ThomasXp says:

    how do I upgrade the project to the version im using?

  25. Supertomiman says:

    how do you remove the games?

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