How To get free songs on your zune!! Legit and easy!!

Here is the website you need to go too…..

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13 Responses to How To get free songs on your zune!! Legit and easy!!

  1. kamran rehimli says:

    ? Thank you

  2. jack cartwright says:

    best? video thanks mate

  3. Josh Spencer says:

    THANK U!!!!!?

  4. Stephine Fields says:

    hank you very much for this video for it helped me get music for my Windows 7.5 phone. Converting the videos into MP3 files also works for get music for the Windows 8 phone as well.? I even had a AT&T person ask me how to get music for the phone and I told them about your video so thank you very much because this has helped more people then we will know.

  5. John Vela says:

    i already know how to get the free mp3’s i just wanted to know how to get the? music on the program. i never owned a zune before. i only owned an ipod. unfortunately my ipod went to shit on me so i have to get a new device. im thinking about going zune. it might be better for me. someone told me that zune has better sound quality. it might or might not. ill see weather or not if it does

  6. DrSexyTaquito says:

    it wont let you? do it anymore

  7. Joel Frazier says:

    OMG IT? WORKED!!!!

  8. thegamingoutline says:

    everytime i do it they take? it down }:

  9. KeatonRip Goat says:

    and i just add music name im? so horny… haha

  10. KeatonRip Goat says:

    so much wayy better thaan itune =)?

  11. DeaDJokE100 says:


  12. Daniel Schwartz says:

    omg Thank u so much :) you made my day?

  13. John Shaw says:

    i? love you broo thanks so much

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