How To Get A 7th Generation ipod Nano Into Diagnostic Mode

Diagnostic mode tutorial for the 7th generation ipod Nano. For more ipod repairs and tutorials check out

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23 Responses to How To Get A 7th Generation ipod Nano Into Diagnostic Mode

  1. Ale Teo says:

    Thank you for this video, it helped me to turn on my ipod which was not working, suddenly it had turned off and I couldn’t help to turn on it again.?

  2. KingsODS says:

    with my ipod like this i accidentally dropped it from 3 and a half feet, theres no cracks in the glass and i can still? play music but the screen is completely black so i have no clue what im tapping or swipping on. anyone have any advice on fixing it? other than paying “X” amount of money at apple for repairs?

  3. Gus Wollaeger says:

    Thank you so? much. I was literally about to go to the apple store when I watched this video but now it is fixed!!

  4. martin ndungu says:


  5. Mamelapalli Venkat says:

    thanks for this? video creator this video is useful fo me

  6. Epic fail says:

    awesome? thanks

  7. dredclinic42 says:

    thanks you trick showed? me how to turn on my broken ipod

  8. RawPrimeHD says:

    Please make a tutorial? how to set a passcode / PIN lock on iPod Nano 7G, Thanks

  9. steve labus says:

    Thanks you?

  10. David Mano says:

    it dosent work ?

  11. Jonathan Konecny says:

    I’ve tried several different techniques for doing this? and it doesn’t work.

  12. hateWinVista says:


  13. Tyler Ficzere says:

    Thank’s for helping? he

  14. Michael McGrath says:

    fuck? off

  15. Leslie z. says:


  16. The Apple says:

    Yes fuck it’s works fuck Thanks?

  17. The Apple says:

    My Fucking iPod nano or nono don’t work?

  18. TheDarknessXIV says:

    No diagnostic mode on any iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad models.?

  19. TheDarknessXIV says:

    Open up device manager with the iPod connected and try to re-install the iPod’s drivers.? Click the Start Menu, right click on Computer and select Manage. When the window comes up select Device Manager in the left hand pane. Look for your iPod under the list of devices. It may be listed as unknown or Apple Mobile Device. Right click on it select Update Driver and that should fix it. If it doesn’t, same steps only this time right click and select Uninstall. Then disconnect it and re-connect it.

  20. EpicRandomRandomneSS DerpFTW says:

    Hi ! PLease , help me i have a ipod nano 6th and it? won’t connect to my pc , it only charges :|

  21. VexD420 says:

    hold center button and menu at same time till it turns off then slide your finger from menu to the? rewind button while still holding the center button and keep these held down till the diagnostics menu

  22. OrganicFries says:

    I found an easier way. It is at /watch?v=kbhrW143goU?

  23. SodaWolf1 says:

    iPod touch 4g? and 5g?

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