How to force update windows phone 7.5 to 7.8 using Zune!

A tutorial on how to force update windows phone 7.5 to 7.8 using Zune. No other software or cracks or patches needed. Completely Secure as it is done using Z…

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25 Responses to How to force update windows phone 7.5 to 7.8 using Zune!

  1. Brandon Palazzo says:

    I have tried this like 10 or more times and still doesnt work on? my LG c900

  2. Nagy Maccari says:

    It doesn’t work with HTC? titan !

  3. valentina yurukova says:

    does it? work for lumia 610?

  4. Pete L says:

    i forgot? to mention its a At&t phone

  5. Pete L says:

    i937 samsung it has 7.5. i have tried this and it doesn’t work. am i doing something? wrong? not disconnecting my net fast enough or not leaving my net on long enough? i do it between 2-5 seconds. or am i just a unlucky one that doesn’t get 7.8?

  6. George Constantinescu says:

    I had 6 updates on? my lumia 800 lol

  7. Calvin Gray says:

    and I have? the 710

  8. Calvin Gray says:

    Doesn’t work for me… like I? didn’t even get past the “airplane mode then connect part” As soon as I plug it in after I turn on the airplane mode, it said ” We cant connect to the update service.

  9. MysticAnimationz . says:

    please loook at my previous? comment, if you update it one more time, you will get 8858

  10. Chris Berry says:

    My internet is? too fast for this.

  11. MysticAnimationz . says:

    You might not get the final WP 7.8 update directly. I first got 7.10.8779.8,? then 7.10.8783.12, and then finally the 7.10.8858.136 update(which is windows 7.8).

  12. clause komperda says:

    my htc trophy originally had 8107. the zune trick brought it to 8773. i don’t see a noticeable difference. for example, i cannot change tile sizes.

    i’m assuming i wasn’t offered the newest update. if that’s the case, would seven-eighter fix this? it would kind of suck since i don’t like installing programs from sites i really don’t trust. in either case, thanks for the? guide.

  13. YoungChevy022 says:

    I cant get it to work….how did? you do it???

  14. MysticAnimationz . says:

    should work?

  15. MysticAnimationz . says:

    Everyone please comment here if your phone model? was able to force update or not so that you can help others by letting them know. Thanks :)

  16. MysticAnimationz . says:

    it should? work :)

  17. Ankush Naik says:

    Thanks? for the tutorial buddy.. Just wanted to ask does it work for Nokia Lumia 710?

  18. Dizzy A says:

    Does this? work for 710

  19. MysticAnimationz . says:

    what error do you get??

  20. Nearphoto says:

    My HD7 couldnt get update after i disconnected…Could you lend me? a hand?

  21. MysticAnimationz . says:

    Try to update a couple of times more, if that doesnt work? then Back up all your pics and musics and everything you’ve got and try to reset your phone(it will erase EVERYTHING in it). After reset it may work but i cannot gurantee if it will work.

  22. Sava Backalic says:

    I have a problem!! Make updates and suddenly stops and says? ERROR COOD32E0? Please help!

  23. MysticAnimationz . says:

    you type in? ‘zune download’ its free

  24. jackson tee says:

    how to get zune??

  25. hichem altik says:

    I? did t understand anything

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