How to Fix a Frozen Zune!

My wife used the Zune on New Years Eve and Z2K struck! The Zune loading screen froze on her and she freaked. She thought she broke it! All was fine when she …

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25 Responses to How to Fix a Frozen Zune!

  1. TheAndy374 says:

    the zune website says hold up and the back button at the same time until it
    resets. it’s worked for me

  2. BarleyFuch says:

    how the fuk did u take tht little blak thing off

  3. gelfling6 says:

    Just got a replacement 1000mAh Li-POL replacement battery, used the tips on
    disassembly here to gain access.. Thankfully, never experienced Z2K, always
    had the updates running since getting this. the original computer I had it
    connected, is fried, it’s been through 4 laptops and 2 desktops.. Always
    running the updates. Surprising, the 30GB is more indestructible than the
    newer versions.

  4. Kenny says:

    nice fix but it wasn’t needed, my dad had his freeze and he just waited and
    all is well now..

  5. Nathan Ruth says:

    my zune dot wet will this work for it

  6. sir slick rock says:

    does anyone know how to reinstall the software ON the zune itself when the
    zune software on the PC fails to see its connected to the PC

  7. AtticusReborn says:

    wow if you want to fix your zune without the risk of breaking it just let
    its battery drain open up your zune program and plug it in and it should
    start working plus its alot safer

  8. Jesus Barrera says:

    dear mr gamerguy51 when i opened my zune I did the steps in your video but
    i noticed the hardrive makes a funny noise do you know how to fix it

  9. Tony Ramirez says:

    hey bro thats Bad ass how did u get those flames on there?

  10. Rasean Perkins says:

    what does your shirt say

  11. vir eem says:

    It worked thanks a lot

  12. Younin Zoom says:

    the zune hd to get fixed all u have to do is hold the power button and the
    back button thats all ndd yeh

  13. Galen Mancino says:

    i bet this guy smokes a lot of green

  14. ThizzOrDiePunkRockBz says:

    after i charge my zune i have to keep it on sleep mode when im not using it
    because if i fully turn it off i can’t get it to turn back on if i dont
    connect it to my computer. When it connects to my computer it turns on and
    i am able to disconnect it and use it fine. Any ideas on what could be

  15. Theon Masters says:

    YOOOOO up an tyhe back botttom works for reall man @TheAndy374

  16. realtubefan says:

    HI. Tried this but my battery still wont hold a charge. Turns on but says
    “batt low” even when charged for 24 hrs. Could it be that ebay sent me a
    bad battery or is there something else wrong with my zune that wont allow
    batt to charge? Thanks for any helpful answers!

  17. kertzey says:

    hi what about Error 5 ?? will this fix on that problem?? so pissed off on
    zune.. later I found out iPod still the best

  18. John Doe says:

    mine doesn’t have screws

  19. frankie s says:

    my 8gb zune froze while watching a movie and im wondering how i should fix

  20. Tim Clark says:

    My zune wont turn on even when i plug it in and it makes a clicky noise how
    do i fix it?

  21. iccecoldchris says:

    ok well my zune keeps having this stupid usb cannot recognize shit, i
    thought it was the cord so i tried a different cord still the same thing
    please help

  22. GamerGuy51 says:

    @MVLINEMAN google decalgirl

  23. GamerGuy51 says:


  24. GamerGuy51 says:

    thats an easy replacement

  25. GamerGuy51 says:

    ummmmm sure but it would just freeze, thats why the battery symbol is even
    on b/c it froze at the boot screen, like a whole bunch of other
    people….look it up

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