Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

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25 Responses to Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

  1. BlueFlame2565 says:

    He was so distressed that he had to? hide in the closet that he had previously come out of.

  2. Luke Mountford says:


  3. TheSammy1001Project says:

    Stevens? a spastic horse

  4. Tiko Muncher says:


  5. MarioBlimp123 says:

    Holy shit… someone call and exorcist ?

  6. Dtavs says:

    the? power of christ compels you

  7. sexyemochewy says:

    this is so fake.? really? trying to shove the remote up your ass. nice one dude!

  8. Thatweird3gsguy says:

    this looks kinda fake?

  9. MimahDGAF says:

    This? nigga cray lol

  10. freeplay2414 says:

    cocaine’s? a helluva drug

  11. Alex Kelada says:

    He sounds like Eric Cartman when he? makes those weird noises

  12. MrTheNiggest says:

    You? should sell that remote!

  13. Hellokitty7549 says:

    I am a new? player about world of warcraft,Don’t waste your time farming for gold, many things google ownyo.

  14. GOLD1702 says:

    0:56 – 1:16 DEMONIC? POSSESSION!! xDDD

  15. jtotheseem says:

    He just turned Super? Saiyan.

  16. T.J. Duke says:

    The power of Christ repels? u

  17. NGELEVENCFN says:

    someone didnt take there medication??

  18. TragiicProductionz says:

    Lol, HAHAHAHA!!! He flops in the bed? and make demonic Noises.!!! lol hahahaha.. Best reaction ever!lol Im Dien

  19. TheBoneGuard says:

    That’s one serious conniption.?

  20. Rossorflo Gunn says:

    im gonna KILL HER *walks? into closet* o wait thats the closet GGGRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

  21. Rossorflo Gunn says:

    ……ok I NEED a world of warcraft? account

  22. Rossorflo Gunn says:

    this is what world of warcraft does to people…… when i go make a? sandwich and come back this better be top comment

  23. Jordan Smith says:

    1:10? well that’s one way of using a remote…

  24. Orccyyy says:

    how? original

  25. breannabuddyluv says:

    i died laughing when i saw this second? 1:09

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