Galaxy Player 3.6 vs. the iPod Touch – Which is the Best MP3 Player?

Side by side comparison between the iPod Touch and the Galaxy Player 3.6. A very hard choice really. Definitely recommend taking a look and asking any questi…

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24 Responses to Galaxy Player 3.6 vs. the iPod Touch – Which is the Best MP3 Player?

  1. Justin virasami says:

    GALAXY PLAYER? !!!!!!!!!!! Lol Xd ios ¿

  2. Dillon Beveridge says:

    but that takes? up space, and thus slows the device.

  3. teenagergirl35 says:

    Galaxy? is better :)

  4. VictoriaY9 says:

    Galaxy is? better

  5. cydia istheboss says:

    ipod is better?

  6. diazeddie89 says:

    Noop ipod sucks galasy player? for the win

  7. Mitchell Abendroth says:

    iPod? is better

  8. Richard3876 says:

    i have a samsung galaxy play, and all my? apple using friends are jealous XD

  9. aaronabshire72 says:

    Galaxy player is way better!! And apple? will not be controlling your every move! Lol ios sucks

  10. Matthew Lervold says:

    the galaxy player 4 is the best, it has a the same resolution? screen as the 4.2 and 5, except it’s smaller so it’s sharper, and it plays games better

  11. BrYanwithaY1986 says:

    Great review!?

  12. Filling the Void Revues says:

    What is a? good mp3 player app for this player?

  13. Kchisolm2 says:


  14. PuchiCentral says:

    The galaxy players are horrible when it comes to? games

  15. DTOMLibertyOrDeath says:

    Your a? fuckin idiot

  16. Tan Thanh says:

    The best choice is 3.6? , 4.2 , 5.8

  17. mrdn24 says:

    @Flames1596 the samsung galaxy player 4.2 (not in this video) has a set of stereo speakers built? in as an output. That would suit you best probably

  18. Flames1596 says:

    Doesn’t have to be these two players specifically but I am looking? for something with a VERY good SQ output. Something better than the iphone 4. Any suggestions please?

  19. cunninghamaricac15 says:

    Can I use my? same google account that I have on my galaxy s3?

  20. emac424 says:

    got it? for my bday yesterday its awesome

  21. kango ata ata says:

    how can i do? that plese tell me dude

  22. Delicia Kyubwa says:

    Oh okay? thanks!

  23. obscuresword says:

    just mp3, but can? be a wifi phone when using VOIP

  24. obscuresword says:

    Pretty sure it’s the? 4g

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