Emerald Dream (World of Warcraft Music Video)

www.youtube.com Click here to watch Blue Sunny Day (World of Warcraft Machinima Music Video)! Emerald Dream (World of Warcraft Music Video) We are pleased to present the video in which many of you have been waiting for! We want to give a big thanks to WoW-Radio for their support in the…
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26 Responses to Emerald Dream (World of Warcraft Music Video)

  1. Mrtwiggle says:

    when this was first released, i was high on shrooms, lets just say i shat out my heart

  2. belfegor729 says:

    Really nice vid! We loved it! Keep up the good work! Nice singing, nice editing, beautiful backgrounds… <3

  3. dennisomgwtf says:

    Gigi sucks at singing

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  5. D4GR3 says:

    Song is good, the bla bla crap in the beginning sucks, and the talky thing in the end….even for a song it sounded like someone was stationed in a looneybin whit the straightjacket on.

  6. HaydenWards says:

    Hey great video of WoW. By the way check freewowgame(dot)cóm to get free WoW game cards.

  7. MrDoseisfr3sh says:


  8. inferno1217 says:

    @killashiza It’s a christmas song.

  9. 300theman says:

    @pentool123 Why did you whach it then!

  10. 300theman says:

    @Gamer4L3X It reffered to a place in wow. idot.

  11. prowled says:

    @jljarrar sounds exiting :3

  12. killashiza says:

    can someone pm the title if anyone knows it

  13. killashiza says:

    Whats the original song?
    I know it from fairy tales but do not really know what is it really called

  14. wrathofbowser says:

    What was the name of the song this was based off of? Wasn’t it Toy Soldiers or something like that?

  15. jljarrar says:

    @prowled You should Check out Ravenholdt Labyrinth on my channel. Its not WoW related yet its a WoW Interactive vid (if that makes sense). It was our Halloween Special… best to watch it with the lights turned off and volume turned up! ; )

  16. Lukaspix26 says:


  17. ZachEProductions says:


  18. prowled says:

    @jljarrar i do get that you base a “persona” on the wow character, and that it might not have any inherited aspects of your personality in “her”. I know it is hard to create original content worth waching. However the greatest of the machinima makers in the wow category make hits that don’t even neceseraly contain aspects of wow at all… would be nice if you did more of that, since that truely shows how creative you are :3

  19. jljarrar says:

    @prowled I know there are other aspects of the game (not related to PVP) in which Ive touched as well -Enchants Are a Girls Best Friend, Alt Character, Guildy Conscience, Achievement Wh0re, etc… they’re all focused on a different topic then owning nubs. 1 thing that people don’t get is that Gigi is an imaginary character. I’m not like her in rl and people see the two of us as the same. The voice behind Bart Simpson doesnt walk around in rl claiming to be Bart- you know? Same here. =)

  20. prowled says:

    @prowled which is good, only thing i protested, is the thing i have allways protested and that is the need to base your persona on the PVP aspect of wow, cause you don’ t need it…

  21. prowled says:

    @jljarrar and this is in no way portraid in your persona in most of your videos ever made by you and others? look the point, as allways, is that you persist on the “persona” to which you honestly don’t need. if you do the video with good lyrics and a good beat with some machina there is no need to use the “pvpgirl” persona. like in this video, you don`t mention it…

  22. jljarrar says:

    @prowled thats my website name… pvpgurl(dot)com

    Its been my website since 2007. Its just an artist tag and has nothing to do with the vid.

  23. prowled says:

    @jljarrar and what about the logo at the end to which i was refering?

  24. jljarrar says:

    @prowled There is absolutely no PVP reference in this song… about 1/2 my songs are about PVP… the other 1/2 are not.

  25. blackreven says:

    this was good effects and song

  26. shadow71197 says:

    I might like this vid if I was high on hash, had some coke on my desk, and had 34 beers

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