Duncan Jones to direct World of Warcraft MOVIE!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCj82s2-OHg Click here to watch ETC: SIN CITY 2: A Dame to Kill For (Story/Cast) Duncan Jones to direct World of Warcraft MOVI…

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25 Responses to Duncan Jones to direct World of Warcraft MOVIE!

  1. Antifaith29 says:

    Check those sub numbers. You’re using old? stats. Still, your point stands.

  2. xXTrueSShotX says:

    Great? bro please write a book about it

  3. Thomas Erceg says:

    virginator?…. nice one kid.
    There are gay elves in both factions btw. Only badass? class alliance has is worgan.

  4. xXTrueSShotX says:

    loool calm the fuck down virginator, I quit this game? a while ago. I Just always liked elves

  5. Thomas Erceg says:

    fuck you are gay. 13 your old boys finger there? assholes playing bitch ass elves

  6. Mahmoud Nabil says:

    Yeah baby!?

  7. xXTrueSShotX says:

    Fuck the horde. You never fuck with Elves ever. Elves are humble quiet people? but you fuck with them you better prepare yourself for a royal ass whooping.

  8. colten sullivan says:

    God? damit Leroy! “At least I got chicken”

  9. murlocslavemaster says:

    Totally agree with you about War? of the Ancients based trilogy.

  10. MrTomEdo says:

    It was a while since I played a game in the Warcraft universe. Even though I play different games now, I’m still interested in seeing this and I really hope? they won’t screw this. I don’t want a movie to rape my good memories of this world xD.

  11. Sebastian DeVries says:

    World of Warcraft Alone has over 10 Million Subscribers, at $15.00 a Month. that’s $150,000,000 per month, that Isn’t including sales from Expansions, trading? cards, online store pets and mounts, clothing and gaming hardware. and thats just the Warcraft Universe. they have Starcraft and Diablo making money too. so yea just to put that comment of yours in perspective. $100 Million is nothing, considering they make atleast twice that in just a month

  12. MewmewmewmewmewMatt says:

    I’d like a story based off of the Arthas novel. Such an? amazing story

  13. 1337pokerface says:

    To? me, illegal danish was really enough for a wow movie…

  14. 1337pokerface says:

    I agree. But they may just sellout you know how blizz can? be.

  15. 1337pokerface says:

    They never said it was going to be? a WoW movie. machinima predicts it will be. BUT it could just be a warcraft based movie. in which yes, would be nicer.

  16. ShadesMuzic says:

    the books, world of? warcraft is stupid story for a movie go back to where the real games are based from like faack

  17. Darkskull2581 says:

    I want either Lich king or? BC

  18. DeSPoTNemanjaS says:

    and that’s just wow? alone. they have many other games.

  19. DeSPoTNemanjaS says:

    maybe because? that was long time ago and they are voice actors not movie actors and don’t physically resemble those characters.

  20. S4W92 says:

    OMG…You can make a 3 awsome movies of Warcraft just from….Warcraft:Reign Of Chaos…and….Frozne Throne. That whole story is way better than any world of warcraft.
    I personally whant to see a story of Arthas…and? Grom Hellscream. And there you have an two awsome movies

  21. xXHeavyBolyterXx says:

    Warcraft* not world of warcraft? haha

  22. Alex Wilson says:


  23. Gromst3rr says:

    Hope this actually comes through. Though TradeChat had a point by saying that “there were loads of announcements? of warcraft movies before, and I wont believe it before I see a trailer”

  24. omg laelae says:

    They? better have some very talented people to play roles in this movie! Why cant they have the same people who play the characters in the game play in the movie

  25. CaptainOvious123 says:

    Anyone know where he got that jacket? from?

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