Critical Tactics to Increase Web Traffic

The only way to gain success online is the ability to gain constant and targeted website traffic. The ways to increase website traffic has changed considerably over the past few years and we have carefully formulated some of the effective traffic strategies. Regardless of whether you intend to make money through affiliate marketing, your own product or adsense, these tactics are proven to work.

Write Compelling Articles

Content writing is one of the best ways to attract traffic. There are so many applications that can help you submit your articles everywhere on the web and they tend to establish a foundation for your content online. The articles should be a minimum of 500 words each and the targeted keywords have to be scattered all over the article. The headlines play a crucial role since they are responsible for attracting the users to read the rest of the article. There has to be a link back to your site, included in the footer at the bottom of the article.

Professional Press Releases

There are loads of PR sites on the internet and most of them are considered quite powerful by the major search engines. This means that you can get potential backlinks from the press releases submitted on this site. Always ensure that the quality press releases are usually written in third person with appropriate quotes and references. The sales-pitch must be included in the end of the press release so as to give a professional write-up of your site.

Attractive Blogs

It would be a great idea to link your site to a blog. This would ensure that there is a lot of newbie traffic on your site. WordPress is one of the widely used platforms by the bloggers and is pretty easy to install on any of your existing domains. There are thousands of amazing themes to pick from and can give a modern look to your blog. It would be advisable to create at least two to three posts a week that link back to your site with a summarizing anchor text. Blogs can successfully bring in traffic from a varied user base and hence could be a great way to bring in visitors.


Squidoo is one of the most effective tools that could bring in a lot of web traffic to your site. Squidoo lens would give the webmasters an opportunity to achieve high rankings in the search engine. Hence, ensure that you set up your lens and link it back to your own product or site content.


Increase Your Website Traffic

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