Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black) was listed on Amazon for $79.99, selling for USD brand new. Manufactured by Creative Labs.Some great features of this product include:

  • From a range of up to 10 meters from the speakers, wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as your mobile phone, notebook, iPhone or iPad.
  • With music pouring out of its two powerful 3-inch drivers, be sure to grace your party with the latest hits and dance away.
  • D100 is compatible with iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, iPad, Droid (with latest operating platform) and other bluetooth devices
  • With enough juice to last and play up to 25 hours of non-stoBuilt with award-winning Bluetooth technology, the Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker lets you play music wirelessly from your smartphone, laptop, or other A2DP-enabled mobile device. The Creative D100's portable design and full-range drivers make it ideal for outdoor parties or afternoons at
    Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
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3 Responses to Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

  1. B. says:

    Given this is the first review, I will be thorough.

    I’ve owned the Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for two months (paid $78.47). I’m very pleased. The sound quality is excellent for this type of speaker. The volume is loud enough to completely fill a room or a small outdoor area (e.g., patio). I’ve enjoyed it on the beach and found quality does not suffer much at high volumes.

    Like with any small speaker, if you crank it to max volume, there is some distortion on bass-heavy songs. But the distortion is slight, and the bass sounds great if you have the volume appropriately set for the type of audio you are streaming.

    On that note, there is no remote. The only way to control the volume is the `volume up’ and `volume down’ buttons on the front of the speaker or directly from streaming device ONLY IF it allows it. That is, my iPhone (3G – iOS 3.1.3) CANNOT change the speaker’s volume while streaming, but my laptop can. In my use, I have…

  2. m says:

    I ride boats, hop from island to island. I have been using portable speakers for 10 yrs now. I have come across a lot of them. With all the technology now, I never knew that the bluetooth connection would be so convenient and seamless, most especially for the D100. It’s light, a bit bulky than the others, but packed with power. Before this, I bought the Logitech S715i because I got it for almost half the price, it had good highs and mids but pretty mediocre lows. The internal rechargeable battery was mediocre as well. You would think, it would be so useful since it’s easier to charge, but no. When you finally ran out, you don’t want to wait and find a wall outlet to charge, you just want to get new batteries and stick it in and continue playing portable music. You can use rechargeable AA’s as well. It also did not have a bluetooth connection. This made me consider to try the Creative D100, and with maybe more than 15 portable speakers I’ve tried from different brands over the years,…

  3. Wayne Holo says:

    I was looking for speakers that provided acceptable music reproduction, that were portable and easy to use, and could connect via wireless Bluetooth to a mobile phone (Motorola Droid) and iPad. I was also looking for something I could give as a gift to someone who would appreciate the same features but who does not have as much patience as I do for making these things work. The Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for our needs. As one reviewer mentioned, the Creative D100 is light-weight and simple to unplug and move from room to room. It has a battery option too, but I haven’t used it with batteries yet.

    The one-time Bluetooth pairing setup is simple. All you need to know before you begin is how to instruct your music device (phone, computer, iPad, etc.) to scan for and ‘pair’ with other Bluetooth devices. The rest is covered in the Creative D100 instructions. Power up the Creative D100 (turn on the power switch on the back side), make the D100…

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