Cowon iAudio 9 MP3 Player Review

If you want an alternative to the iPod Nano, then you need to check out the Cowon iAudio 9 MP3 Player with its clever touch controls. Manufacturer website: h…

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25 Responses to Cowon iAudio 9 MP3 Player Review

  1. kerbyfanwei says:

    apple fanboy says do not buy toyota benz is the best! fanboy do not knows the? price concept.

  2. Zipi Shahar says:

    i find in 16gb in 87$ !!!

  3. pavi7890 says:

    now, who? is fooling who?

  4. ownberbx says:

    Cowon is wack………..ipod? is way better. don’t let these fools fool you

  5. Edwin Legters says:

    I’m using the Iaudio 7 since December 2008.

    This one the must buy at this moment, even after 2 years! The menu seems a bit strange in first place but its very well organized, so does the swing-toucht? control. After a while it’s the best way to navigate on a mobile device.
    The big? over-ruling’s are; 1 the LitiumPolymeer battery, 2 sound quality, play’s FLAC with a very very good equalizer. Buy some Senheiser (in-ear)earphones. Set EQ:125W02,285W01,780Normal00, 3.0Normal00 13Narrow01 Enjoy !

  6. Preacher At Arrakeen says:

    I am looking for a great-sounding mp3 player, without all the bells and whistles of the iPod (I read their sound isn’t that great either). Came across this brand, but I’ve read that Cowons don’t play well with Macs. I am running OS 10.6.8 on a C2D iMac. Will I have to jump through lots of hoops to get the mp3s into the Cowon? Are some? Cowon models more suitable for Macs?

    Thanks, and cheers,


  7. someguy6481 says:

    Iaudio 10 is supposed? to have a better user interface.

  8. TheStillromantic says:

    Great review? btw

  9. TheStillromantic says:

    Iaudio 9 or iaudio 10?. In my country both? are available at margin price difference

  10. vinielol says:

    @davomrmac Tell me? what your choice is going to be@sk8terigor I also want quality

  11. vinielol says:

    Tell me what your choice is going to be. I also want the? best quality sound

  12. vinielol says:

    Tell me? what it’s going to be because I’m also want top quality sound.

  13. vinielol says:

    Tell me what it going? to be because I’m also want top quality

  14. vinielol says:

    Tell me? what it going to be because I’m also want top quality!

  15. vinielol says:

    Tell me what it going to? be because I’m also want top quality! :D

  16. someguy6481 says:

    Superb sounding MP3 player but very clunky user? interface and creating a playlist is difficult, but it’s still a keeper for me.

  17. someguy6481 says:

    headphones / ear phones that have 3 rings around the jack don’t work with Cowon i9 as they are designed to be used with iphones, ipod touch or the ipad because they have the controls on the cable and not all MP3 players work with them. Makesure you use headphones with two rings on the jack, I discovered this when I was trying out a Bowers? & Wilkins P5 in my local apple store.

  18. Harlin Martin says:

    please clean your rug before your? reviews

  19. whitfis says:

    I never heard of Cowon? in Australia until I stumbled along them the other day. My iaudio 9 is on the way as we speak!

  20. GTRMclaren722 says:

    SD expansion slot? ??

  21. MrAcme15 says:

    hey guys, can you create playlists from the player itself without having to use a? computer?

  22. Casketshaker says:

    So? If accidentally the headphones slip off from the jack the music comes instantly from the speaker? Can it be turned off so the music doesn’t pop right out from the speaker?

  23. Schwang32 says:

    You can drag & drop files onto the unit? Sold. I detest few things as much as iTunes or any other bloatware that stands between you and simply? putting your music on.

  24. Crimsonite20 says:

    ive had my sony Walkman S540 for a little over a year and saw cowon….im really looking toget this…especially since even when it first came out, it never wowed me, plus when i used itunes? for my sis’ ipod, its was a pain in the ass, syncing through Windows media player or drag-and-drop is sooo much easier and it isnt all anally selective with formats like itunes…I might get a Cowon

  25. Zillawill says:

    Dunno? if it’ll help, but all the earphones I’ve owned had 2 rings, my charger for my iPod Shuffle however as 3 rings (it uses the headphone jack for charging)

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