CNET News – iPod Touch gets 4-inch screen & Siri Apple introduced a restyled iPod Touch with a taller screen, better camera and support for Siri. The new device will come in two models, a 32GB version for $299 and a 64GB version for $399. It's expected to ship in October.

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25 Responses to CNET News – iPod Touch gets 4-inch screen & Siri

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  2. TechTalk117 says:

    @Yourfavoritehomedawg I feel your pain I got the 2g for my birthday 3 months later the 3G? came out. I hate how apps become incompatible with iOS, yet with android even older software works with all the apps that’s my only problem with apple.

  3. TechTalk117 says:

    @kwn141 I agree the new iPod touch is a million times better of an upgrade than a 4s? to 5

  4. TechTalk117 says:

    @Adam Wier I have the? 64gb red iPod touch and trust me you couldn’t make a better choice. Best iPod I have.

  5. Stephon Crews says:

    The most popular gaming system…the PS3, yeah I said? it!

  6. Stephon Crews says:

    Nice? try ; )

  7. Stephon Crews says:

    An iPhone w/o the? iPhone…you dont say.


    he was right when he said the most popular gaming system!! psvita? and 3ds suck!!!!

  9. TotallyTitzness says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tablet commercial at? the beginning…!

  10. MatthewLervold says:

    how is it old? its just a cheaper iphone with no phone, even though? there are phone apps but you need wifi

  11. Adam Wier says:

    Hah! Now they even have a (Product) Red one.? I’m getting that one in 64GB for Christmas.

  12. cplnerf says:

    ? (THE? END OF IT) ?

  13. Basil Minhas says:

    about your comment on the new ipod? touch

  14. anores12345 says:

    uh it? is…

  15. anores12345 says:

    umm what? a better? and improved iPod touch comes out?

  16. KarlaCervantes89 says:


  17. spencerlau07 says:

    the most? popular gaming system —–the xbox…I MEAN the ipod

  18. Basil Minhas says:


  19. Mario1370 says:

    heh feels like I’m watching E3.?

  20. UpHooked says:

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  21. tenrakuhitotsu says:

  22. ultraman123987 says:

    Apple? refreshes there iPod and iPhone line up every year, in 2007 iTouch 1G, in 2008 iTouch 2G, in 2009 iTouch 3g, in 2010 iTouch 4g, in 2012 iTouch 5G, in 2013, iTouch 5G will come out….

  23. KarlaCervantes89 says:

    how? do you know that a newer ipod will come next year?

  24. ultraman123987 says:

    a newer iPod? will come next year, get it now, its the best time to get it…

  25. KennyB DjYoungCash says:

    In otherwords its? a iPhone 4s with no contract and bigger screen …

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