CNET News – iPod Nano gets a fresh new look from Apple Apple's Greg Joswiak unwraps the company's seventh-generation iPod Nano with a 2-inch screen. The music player now offers a bigger display, a thinner design, and a new volume rocker.

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25 Responses to CNET News – iPod Nano gets a fresh new look from Apple

  1. UpHooked says:

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  2. TheJiminiflix says:

    It? looks….gay?

  3. Shadi Mitwalli says:

    The ipod nano 5 generation was the best nano? ever created

  4. qwertypoor says:

    Just because it’s not a? phone doesn’t make it ok either smh

  5. qwertypoor says:

    Damn they talk about Samsung copying them then they turn around and copy Nokia? lumia design lol wow

  6. Jawbreaker2237 says:

    I don’t get all the hate for this one. i have (and still use) my first gen nano and i’ve been waiting for Apple to come out with something? like this. that little square touch nano was f**king ridiculous.

  7. xFailproductioNx says:

    i liked the idea of the 6th generation. its a tiny with a touch screen that can turn in to a watch. handy if you go jogging. i think this one is to big and is starting to look like a ipod touch. i have a phone for video’s and apps and games. now i want someting fun and small like the i pod touch 6th? gen. i? hoped that the 7gen was somting like the 6gen but with bluetooth and you could conect to your phone or tablet and was as small as the 6 gen. the 7 gen is very disepointing for me.

  8. MrHerpaderpaherpa says:

    so does your? dick.

  9. MrHerpaderpaherpa says:


  10. the109guy says:

    i bet steve jobs would be disappointed if he’s still? alive

  11. lalosoria says:

    30? Hours fo music! That’s so fucking great!

  12. ChrisL725 says:

    apple: we love? music.
    ^makes shitty earphones

  13. usuallydead says:

    The device is really pretty but…? I don’t get supporting videos on that screen. Who wants to watch a movie on a display the size of a few postage stamps?

  14. NielsG070 says:

    Indeed, steve? jobs would be mad

  15. guillermo68480 says:

    My 5th Gen Nano is still the best!? :-D

  16. poolsonice2 says:

    I still like my 3g? its really awsome

  17. oscar210590 says:

    hahahaha? apple’s stuff gets thinner and thinner!, we are going to end up with paper thin objects!

  18. Jack Carr says:

    I? Still have my Ipod nano 3rd gen. But i use My ipod touch4g now XD

  19. jomarlescano says:

    Does the nano comes with the COVER FLOW? I really love those, I’ve been playing around it everyday so it? get low-bat cause of that and without me enjoying the battery life. But it’s okay:)

  20. funrizwan says:

    No one claps? now….

  21. RSdragon12112 says:

    thay killed the smart wach?

  22. ChingChing845 says:

    it kinda? looks likes a nokia lumia 800

  23. cadaltols says:

    Did anybody else look at? the discription and say “Ooh, 2 inch screen. How big.”

  24. Dogan Celikcel says:

    nano looks fucked up?

  25. SuperRedstone517 says:

    this new ipod nano is stupid, Steve Jobs would not have approved this, because it is not apple, they would not do something like that.
    i think they were high when they made it
    it looks absolutely stupid?

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