7 Responses to Can I create a World of Warcraft account without actually owning the game?

  1. B @ H M @ N says:

    there are several ways to play world of warcraft, one is buying the actual game which you need to buy all the exp packs and play it with your friend who already have an account another way is to use alternative servers which include less people and are not the same as the game but you dont need to buy anything, if you are going to buy the game refer to your friend for good benefits if you are not going to buy it search youtube.com for “playing WOW free”

  2. kyle a says:

    No you can download the trial and make an account. Im pretty sure you dont need a disk you just dowload everything. Go on there website its very easy to download.

  3. Carey says:

    i dont know. can you??

  4. Reece says:

    all that has happened is that he has installed the game onto your computer, but in order to play it you will need your own online ID which means you will still have to purchase the game(s) itself.

  5. My Dogs Are My Life says:

    No, you’d need to buy the game (which is worth it!) before you could play. Or you could just ask your Nephew if you could play on his account when he’s not on? :)

  6. Kayla Jane says:

    Yes you can but its a 10 day trail, you can go to http://www.worldofwarcraft.com and there should be something on the opening page for the trail, but after that you have to buy it.

  7. NeilH says:

    Yes you can. you make an account get the download from the site After you download WoW you can just make an account and start playing. If you want the expansions you just buy and download them as well up to Cata. It would be better to buy the Cd’s.

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