AppQuest – Ski Safari (iOS App Review) iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad – Game of the Week

Some of my favorite games in the App Store include Tiny Wings and Solipskier. Ski Safari combines a variety of games and creates a fresh new game vibe. With its up-beat music and stunning visuals its truly a game worth purchasing. Price: $0.99 Link to App: Our website: Main Channel Vlogging Channel: App Reviewing Channel: Twitter: Google+: Tumblr: Instagram: dargadgetz

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14 Responses to AppQuest – Ski Safari (iOS App Review) iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad – Game of the Week

  1. Ernestas kunkys says:

    I? got this game its so cool and nice rewiew man

  2. IUseThisApp says:

    Love this game!? Nice Review too!

  3. MisadventuresOfMine says:

    Too? close by Alex Clare

  4. Paulaaao says:

    whats the song at? 0:02??

  5. lili castro says:

    Great app review also guys I have a YouTube channel? on how to download videos on your iPod touch

  6. ThinkingGames101 says:

    Aweful? gameplay, cool review though lol

  7. Takes1Bullet says:

    How? do u record gameplay

  8. icyArthur says:

    Nice review, although the bg music can be a bit quieter so I can hear what you say more? clearly.

  9. WhatTechShow says:

    Nice video? Daniel!!

  10. timaxtech says:

    Hey can you review my app called “Owl Hunter” (it’s a very sick puzzle game). If you want, I’ll give you a free promo code so you don’t have to pay for the game :D. Please message me? if you’r interested. Thank You.

  11. Vlogetivity says:

    Alex Clare – Too Close?

  12. AnotherUnboxing says:

    What is the name of this song please reply? :)

  13. iPhilReviews says:

    Epic Review!? :)


  14. daveofnhspeaks says:

    only 1 light bulb killed in the making of this videos ,Fantastic App Review Dan ?

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