Apple iPod nano (7th Generation): Unboxing & Review

Unboxing and Review of the new iPod nano 7th Generation. $149 Apple: EarPod Review: Specs: Capacity: 16GB Dis…

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25 Responses to Apple iPod nano (7th Generation): Unboxing & Review

  1. Cesar Monroy says:


  2. TheSquidward100 says:

    Sir? I’m a freaking chick, thanks.
    And NO, it’s $139. Considering I own one, I know what it does. It has GREAT SOUND, amazing capacity, and? the Fitness app works great. It’s not a piece of junk by any means.

  3. TheFpsStealth says:

    Nano 5G was still? best in my opinion because it had a vidcam

  4. tipoomaster says:

    I wish they would update the Classic and make it a bit different, elongate? the screen like the Zune 120 and update the hard drive. I still want a hard drive based iPod for the capacity, but the Classic design is so old now, the screen is so dinky.

  5. tipoomaster says:

    Finally parting ways with my iPod Classic to get this, I don’t know what color to get! The black? looks awesome and batman-ey, but I always get things in black and it’s getting boring.

  6. Srinivas rao Gangavelli says:

    open the? freaking thing already

  7. TehVlogTV says:

    Real? bro.

  8. DisneyChannelRo1 says:

    This? is real or fake?

  9. John Wang says:

    Great review I wanted? to see the features and this basically covers all

  10. poeralGCkings says:

    3rd, 5th, and 6th were the best to me, couldn’t? decide which is top, three-way tie for first

  11. elmex182 says:

    You just have to let them dry and that’s it

  12. Rockillswich26 says:

    Does this model? of nano have audio crossfade feature?

  13. vampirefairyprincess says:

    I don’t really understand how to download music I’ve? never had an iPod before and I’m getting the iPod 7th generation soon

  14. Dandanbugsbugs says:

    aannndddd. nnooo oonneeee? caaarreesssss. lol jk :))

  15. DeeteeTube says:

    thanks for top comment everybody! :D? @DeeteeTube

  16. Dragos F says:

    My first idevice was a 6th gen nano. After 3 months, i sold it and bought a discontinued fifth gen. In my opinion, the fifth? nano is the best among the nanos.

  17. fred effeuze says:

    why is ipod? nano so small

  18. MultiDracoMaster says:

    Well, it’s not $169, it’s $149.It does not look like a knockoff MP3 player. The fitness app is one of the major selling points of the nano. It even has Bluetooth. You can’t use any other iPod as a radio. The iPod shuffle does not come with the EarPods.
    These? are the reasons why this iPod is very good

  19. Tomcha957 says:


  20. david rosa says:

    i got? on cristmas

  21. Hideki Takeshima says:

    i accidentally threw my earpods in our washing machine and tried it? sounds terrible but after a day,i went to the apple store to ask for a replacement,the salesman tried my earpods and it works again perfectly

  22. MsDasaw says:

    Go back to the troll? hole where you came from.

  23. fotone says:

    That’s just? your opinion.

  24. brandonnesfan says:

    well sir i disagree here’s why 1. yes it is over priced it’s not 139$ it’s 169$ 2. it looks like a knockoff mp3 player you would find at kmart 3. the fitness app isn’t a selling point 4. you can use nearly any ipod as a radio 5. all new portable apple devices come with those headphones so it doesn’t matter.? anyway long story short you might thing it’s good but i disagree i just think it looks like a over priced piece of junk, now good day sir

  25. sim m says:

    can you? type to search?

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