Apple Event September 2012 – iPhone 5/iPod Touch 6 Full Keynote

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21 Responses to Apple Event September 2012 – iPhone 5/iPod Touch 6 Full Keynote

  1. Jordan smyth says:

    Click show comment and like if? you agree!

  2. SuperYaanis says:


  3. Marcos Lopez says:

    I want that iPod touch!?

  4. sam dee says:

    Muslims should boycott all american products?

  5. edwlee78 says:

    what’s Al Gore? doing there?

  6. Putri Wulan Sari says:

    @George Morden and yet the iPhone 5 is the fastest mobile device? available…

  7. Freddy Jiménez says:

    heyy please help me!! somebody now the name of the song? of the fist video? (the apple store in Barcelona)

  8. Tavengwa Sipapate says:

    & they couldn’t be anymore racist, there wasn’t even at least just ONE African carrier when Phil Schiller was talking about? who they’ve partnered with for 4G across the world

  9. TheSgyoyo says:

    IPod shuffle. Disentangle come? with ear pods?

  10. George Morden says:

    And they still haven’t made any? apple device quad core… Meh

  11. kpjVideo says:


  12. oxygenthief786 says:

    Thanks for uploading subscribe from? me

  13. kpjVideo says:


  14. kpjVideo says:

    no? problem.

  15. RajatGupta96 says:

    Thanx? man ur awesome…..

  16. Patrick Wong says:

    doesnit? call ipod touch 5?

  17. michaelbarend says:

    found it? finally :) thanks

  18. Aluren00 says:

    Loved how everyone thought It was a joke when the iPhone model came up. Most of them surely? thought it was an iPhone 4s… as will MOST of the world.

  19. kpjVideo says:

    in the? cloud I assume.

  20. Steve Jobs says:

    Thank you guys!? Im watching you from heaven! S.J

  21. flimflamer0 says:

    Simply amazing?

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