AppChat – Meganoid iPhone & iPod Touch Review + Gameplay

This is a really awesome pixel-graphic side scroller!!! Mario style (kinda) Get it: More pixel games: My links! Twitter: Facebook: AWESOMENESS.

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23 Responses to AppChat – Meganoid iPhone & iPod Touch Review + Gameplay

  1. malindefgbhsjm19C7 says:

    -iphone4, I know you are the smart one to grab limited? chance. BnKh

  2. Edward Tran says:

    Nice watch?

  3. ghostrider433 says:

    Hope you enjoyed making it as much as i did watching it.. 0.-?

  4. AppChat says:

    You’re so right!?

  5. Noah Kim says:

    more like megaman? than mario to me

  6. Khanh Nguyen says:

    very quick and to point. loved the review. ill have check out this? app.

  7. boricuaboy8 says:

    HEY have? you ever played Airport Mania? There’s a pt 2 out now..Id like to see what you think about it! Or what you’ve heard about it.

  8. AppChat says:

    Yeah, sometimes it’s just a fail and when I do multiple takes it’s not even funny haha! However, when it is I’ll put bloopers in :). Also thanks? for watching and commenting!

  9. Jordan Mclean says:

    no bloopers :( lol great video definitely going to download this when i? get some money :D

  10. MasterMario22 says:

    Hey elly great review! Wish i could buy it! I suggest League of Evil and Velocispider. LOE is free at the moment and? the lite version has 5 new levels! And theres a free version of VS. They have gorgeous pixel art and I highly suggest them! I dunno if you reviewed them already though x)

  11. Evanz111 says:


  12. JamboStudios says:

    Great Video as allways elly :)
    i love those pillows you have on your? sofa :P

  13. LeFreakBizarre says:

    I’ve had this game for a few weeks now and it’s pretty cool, although sometimes when I enter certain hidden? passageways, I get stuck and can’t get out :(
    I really like the music in this game though. It’s definitely worth checking out.
    Thanks Elly :)

  14. Joethemonkey101 says:

    your reviews are? getting really good :)

  15. DrakeTechnology says:

    I think? you are just really good at that game lol

  16. Matthias Hofer says:

    nothing aigns pixl graphik i like them? too but i think you should show other games too

  17. logicallytechnology says:

    Awesome review Elly! Super job in the production quality and content? quality, I think it’s safe to say that you’re videos are getting better and better :DDD

  18. AppChat says:

    It’s not that great but SuperBoss is a bit of a Contra copy and you can get it free! (There are paid and free versions, find a free? one – not bad)

  19. iPhone44iphone4 says:

    EPIC!? haha Im so getting this! Fantastic Review Elle!

  20. BuckleDesign says:

    great review? Elly

  21. Wanderon1 says:

    Really? nice review :)

  22. CalenderJuiceSheena says:

    Love pixel-art games! Soooo? retro :)

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