? WoW Guide – Shinobi’s Technique to Fast Gold in MoP

Sub to Shinobi: www.youtube.com Enchanting Vid: www.youtube.com JC Vid: www.youtube.com Shinobi's UI:www.youtube.com 800 Ring/Amulets: www.youtube.com Music By: Monstercat Media Song Name: We Move Link: www.youtube.com 7x Small Ethereal Shard = 140g 8x Mysterious Essence = 160g 5x Spirit Dust Stacks = 250g 9x River's Heart = 270g 4x Wild Jade = 260g 2x Vermilion Onyx = 100g 8x Imperial Amethyst = 520g 2x Primordial Ruby = 30g 3x Sun's Radiance = 210g 10x Serpent Eye = 110g Total Gold for 1 Hour = 2050g

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25 Responses to ? WoW Guide – Shinobi’s Technique to Fast Gold in MoP

  1. Popo111603 says:

    You could have also done this if Spirit Dust is abit too cheap —> 50 Spirit Dust —> Makes 25 Mysterious Essence —> Make Ethereal Shards —> Use Daily? Cooldown and Make Sha Crystal i seen these sell for 350 – 500g just depends when you sell.

  2. Jonatan Randomm says:

    Nobody would want you to play this game so why should? they pay?

  3. HUNBattleforgeFun says:

    Nobody cares, fly away? pls.

  4. flyersluver4eva says:

    people pay to play this crap? fuckin noobie as? fuck. EASY! i wouldnt play this if they paid me.

  5. Grievousig101 says:

    On illidan a stack of trillium? bars is 1k, so if a transmute master transmuted all of that, he would have made the same amount or more, woth less work.

  6. Grievousig101 says:

    I seriously think it’d be more profitable transmuting all that to? trillium…

  7. DamaaGamingg says:

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  8. drilexgaming says:

    Hey guys, I’m and Australian Vengeful Gladiator? mage and I just recently started making WoW PvP Videos, if you’re interested in daily PvP videos, please come subscribe to my channel, I have just recently uploaded a mage macro and burst rotation video.

  9. StrawFurnace says:

    I haven’t played WoW since like september/october 2012. Is it worth returning? to ? How are things right now?

  10. Yep X says:

    Serpents eyes go for 5g each on my server, and overall the shuffle isnt very profitable ?

  11. Grievousig101 says:

    Hard to type on a phone. And I’m on Illidan, so? stuff is stupid cheap here…

  12. Grievousig101 says:

    I think in a similar fashion to? what he does, is I farm ghost iron on an alt, then I smelt them into bars, then give those bars to my proests to transmute (as a transmute master) to trillium, which I can transmute once a day to living steep. I also use my alt to farm herbs and make potions (the agility ones, as I can farm about 300 green tea leaf in 30 minutes, and snow lily takes a little more, but I also utilize my farm…

  13. GeOhDe001 says:

    Remember like I said i did this on the weekend where values are lower, and my server has a big? economy so there are tons of undercutting. So if you did this during the week on a smaller server you’d make probably 3 times what I made.

  14. funnycrewGTD says:

    Not? enuff gold for an hour of my time

  15. mustafa kantar says:

    what? addons do u use?

  16. MrBrooksie420 says:

    good guide, now show what you would make? just buying the ore.

  17. Nembo14 says:

    1 hour including the ores farming???

  18. MrJonathanjesse says:

    To make tons of gold just go into the low level dungeons and farm a bunch? of shit and sell it because all of that copper adds up lool na jk this way he did it is ok just a lot harder to do

  19. Phil Esposito says:

    Can u make a video where we don’t need professions?

  20. dilanag says:

    All that for 2k gold… Never :P?

  21. GileMustard says:

    I really miss the old directors. The new? ones are crap this channel is dead…

  22. ProgamerEU says:

    on my server 1 stack? ghost iron ore cost 15 gold :D

  23. jordanbulldog says:

    So did they just? ditch all the other old directors since the channel died?

  24. paulius vaisvila says:

    guys do you? know which masque is it?

  25. EMarProductions says:

    This is interesting, I could have sworn? I had seen the same video maybe a month or two ago by tarou… >.>

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