Zune TV Spot featuring Commom, Afrika Bambaataa and Mixview

same as before, but a better quality video.

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25 Responses to Zune TV Spot featuring Commom, Afrika Bambaataa and Mixview

  1. UrbanCrunkMovement says:

    Which Kraftwerk track? did the Neptunes sample?

  2. ocelotecpatl says:

    It? has her username below her name. Find her.

  3. marcos vargas says:

    what’s the name of that song??

  4. cardigan3000 says:

    her name is ophelia balls and she did a set? for facial abuse

  5. Brambleshire says:

    WHO IS LisaQ__8945????

    shes so cute

  6. cardigan3000 says:

    actually its neither of these? two cunts’ song – its kraftwerk

  7. gabriel6726 says:

    universal? mind control


    whts the? name of this song

  9. TillyRue says:

    dood? the chick graduated from my school.

  10. 21195BLACKHAWK13 says:

    i watched the vid just to see that lady’s unique face?

  11. The333rd says:

    This is the type of music that inspires my music. Check it out on my youtube channel? here: The333rd

    Please subscribe and watch our videos!!

  12. fudgesickel says:

    I can’t wait to get my Zund HD!!!!?

  13. threezy350 says:

    my kind? of girl

  14. E-Man5805 says:

    Most awesome thing is I’ve seen a few white chicks bumping hip hop (Common is hip hop, not rap) in their cars all the time. Other day I swear this lady? was playing The Roots “The Hypnotic”.

  15. supremekickz says:

    yeah… they were the first ever in the world to use computer/electronic sounds to? make music…. good knowledge

  16. dethbymetal says:


  17. B1LLIONAIREKR3W says:

    im? with you, Chewychu31

  18. Gina Leigh says:

    you know, ignoring the fact that egypt is an incredibly multicultural society, you DO realize that it’s in africa and that black egyptians have existed/lived there since the ancient civilizations, right?

    anyway it’s not like white people don’t periodically show up in commercials or movies for small segments wearing kimonos or sari’s for some similar reason as this? one, so …

  19. derekvanstrangle says:

    its univerisial? mind control (umc) by common

  20. Bruh Man says:

    the chick is? cute

  21. Ecatcher13 says:

    What the? name of the song in the back round

  22. milkmanv1 says:

    that girl has the oddest expression on her face the whole time. It’s? weird.

  23. mindreaper21 says:

    That soul sonic force type of? funk!

  24. Ecatcher13 says:

    oh godd oh godd jake fuck? me baby harder harder !!! fuck mE!

  25. devinnov says:

    Hey Zune! When can we expect a Zune Green Room Interview with Blair Robertson? ? The one with Common was ok, but *yawn* kinda boring. We want more Blair!

    And to Common- much love brother, but I’d be a bigger fan if you could pull off musical theatre.

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