Zune on Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone

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7 Responses to Zune on Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone

  1. bogdan andrei says:

    i have a problem .When installed zune they modified? my icons on phone.They make them bigger like before and i dont like it.Can you tell me please how to make it like it was before?

  2. GodOfElectroHouse says:

    Nokia Lumia 800?

  3. Emmanuel Estevez says:

    what? is that phone?

  4. MrHIjir says:

    hey how? to get the background can you please reply me fast pleaaaaaaseeee!!!!!

  5. vitalz199521010007 says:

    ??? ???????? ????

  6. jaime ortiz prada says:

    I really liked the video, thanks
    By the way,? good music

  7. sze wson says:

    you? sucks

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