Zune HD: Revisited

Let's take a tour of the Zune HD, the most underrated hardware ever created… In my opinion =] Best price: http://goo.gl/7BRza **Disclaimer** – I am not an …

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24 Responses to Zune HD: Revisited

  1. GagaDelBarrio says:

    Badass mp3.?

  2. jeoskyz says:

    Scene kids? respect the zune

  3. WhyisthereAids says:

    Audiosurf tilt made? this my favorite handheld device ever…

  4. ParadigmStrings says:

    It was? back then.

  5. GeneralgingerTV says:

    480p isn’t a high? resolution

  6. NigelAhmad says:

    also the fact I can put it in the same pocket as my? wallet is awesome.

  7. NigelAhmad says:

    *cries* i finally found you…another Zune Hd user! I have had this since 2009 and it still works like a charm! Thin, great sound, and durable? ( did break a piece but i replaced it at a very low cost.) The interface is beautiful and smooth. Sad Microsoft couldnt sell it.

  8. lesorax123 says:


  9. lesorax123 says:

    You can saw it in half. That’s how think the iPod? nano is.

  10. Andres Razetto says:

    Zune looks? boss

  11. Kea Piper says:

    I have the zune HD and the nexus 7 and between there silver edges and nice backing people think the of the same line lol! But they are? both amazing!

  12. Rahul Singh says:

    He? just exaggerates…

  13. 787theninja says:

    I love this device, I am? glad I bought this.

  14. Tropomo says:

    Dat? voice :D:D

  15. wesLey16 says:

    Hey man, I was? wondering if you’d do a review on the Sony Walkman F series. I’ve been using one since pre-release(I pre-ordered mine, and got it before it was released in my area), seeing as you’re such a music person, would really like to know what you think about it. Peace yo.

  16. StrikerX67 says:

    i disagree, Sansa clip zip is the real deal. It has a color screen with easy to use controls. Although the sansa clip ( so many memories :'( ) was my VERY first mp3 player and the sansa clip + was my second and they both worked like a charm? for me, the sansa clip zip has stole the whole system.

  17. acornspits says:


  18. juventus45917 says:


  19. ssj3axll says:

    i have a friend who loves Microsoft. I showed him? the Zune HD he said “what the fuck is this shit” haha it still rustles my jimmies.

  20. mickymicky32 says:

    Is there a camera?

  21. noka5730 says:

    iPod touch is the best?

  22. nokia6800 says:

    4 years old and i still use my zune HD!!!! i will be very sad? when it dies =(

  23. Azuhanifa Kasazuyue says:

    use dark background (turn off lamp).? get more clear display.


    I am very glad that people not only shit at MS, but also sees that they actually can? do stuff… I mean – they are/were on the top for a resound! So let’s face it – all what people love apple products for – has not that much to do with them really, but others before them, they just use it and by owning the patents- saying that it;s their and idiots just go for it, but her is MS product – yet another overlooked and that is sad! I am not MS lover, I just want to stay honest “towards the tech”! :)

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