Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Private Server

Donna asks…

What's the name of a reliable private server for World of Warcraft?

Any private server I go to for World of Warcraft absolutely sucks. The whole point of the game is to level up and gain new gear, but these private servers make it so that you immediately get everything that can be gotten, or so you start in a different place than where you are supposed to, and all that stuff. So, I just want a server where it is exactly the same as a regular Blizzard server, and where there is no custom modifications.

dknol answers:

Go to and search for servers that are patched up and say Blizzlike.

Betty asks…

How do you get a private server in World of Warcraft?

1.Is a private server in World of Warcraft allowd,because I wont use it if it isn't.2.Do you still have to pay monthly fees in a private server?3.How do you get a private server?

dknol answers:

Playing or running private servers are against Blizzards TOS which you agree to everytime you download a new patch. This could cause your account to be banned. If you have high-level characters you'd have to weigh whether that would be worth losing your account.

Laura asks…

how do i start using a wow private server?

How do i start using a world of warcraft private server?

basically, i just want to know the steps i need to take in order to get myself on a working world of warcraft private server, and i wondered if anyone could assist me?

for example, what do i need to download, what site do i need to go on, ETC. i have no idea how to even start using a wow private server so any info is valued (:

dknol answers:

Take a look at and to get what you need.

Steven asks…

Is it possible to play plain World of Warcraft with no expansion on a private server?

I am thinking about buying World of warcraft. And i would like to play on a private server. But im not sure if you need an expansion or not.

Thanks for the help

dknol answers:

Yup you should be able to. Should be like the real thing, you can play without expansions.

William asks…

How can i play World of Warcraft's Private Servers?

How can i play World of Warcraft on Private servers… What patches do i need and where can i get them?

dknol answers:

The patch you need is dependant on what version is private server is using to play the game. I recommend getting version 1.12.1, as about 70% of the private servers out there are using it. You also have to get the full game, there are downloads out there.

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