Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Private Server

Donna asks…

What are some Multiplayer games with private servers?

I like to start servers for games, and i already have two. I want some more, and i cant see to find any. I have a World of Warcraft Private Server, and i have a Runescape Private server. Anybody know of another good one?

dknol answers:

You should try a good text based game. I know there are alot of lame ones out there, but there are also very good ones and they are good places to get to know people. You need to get to level 4 before it starts getting really good. My s/n is TimeCrepper lemme know if you need any help

Try JailhouseLife
You play a prisoner and work to become the strongest prisoner, build stats, fight, buy weapons, etc.

James asks…

Can I join World of Warcraft private servers with only the Stater Edition?

My friends and I are trying to setup World of Warcraft at our school and we want to join private servers. Unfortunately, I only have the Starter Edition. Am I still able to join private servers? If yes, what must I do and what ones do you recommend?

dknol answers:

Starter, no. However, privates should be able to direct you to links to files and info on installing the game up to the patch they support. From there, generally you'd just need a new account with them (you won't be using your starter edition characters, they live on Blizzard servers) and change the “realmlist” file to redirect to the new server.

Robert asks…

Any good World of Warcraft private servers?

Im trying to find a World of Warcraft private server that will allow me to transfer my characters from the retail version.

I have tried naxp and that server is way too buggy and does not support character transfer from retail. Can anyone help me?


dknol answers:

Why would you want to play on a private server? I'm just curious, what is there to gain from it? I personally play on Lightninghoof (horde) and Emerald Dream (alliance).

Richard asks…

How do you make a World of Warcraft Private Burning Crusade server?

For WOW/World of Warcrafts newest expansion, how do you create a private server? Or just for the original…

dknol answers:

You cant make a private server as you would not be able to do quests and make money i dont see blizzard letting you do so eather in the future

Mark asks…

how do you make a sign up box for a wow private server?

me and my friend just made a world of warcraft private server and i will be building the website soon. he said he can create accounts from his server ‘control panel'. on any private server i have ever played on you can sign up right on they're website. how do we do that? (PS: we are using arc emu) is there a way i can get a sign up thing on our website and link it to his control panel?

dknol answers:

On the Arcemu website you'll want to search for the Website's ultimate repack; there are many people who will create a custom website from scratch with the logon, map, server stats, etc. So that you don't have to do it on your own.

You'll need to follow the instructions completely and already have the server set up as public to do this (using DynDNS or something similar to ensure that your server always broadcasts the correct IP); otherwise the SQL scripts will not work properly when you open the website.

If you're good with programming you can make your own, but it's better IMO to just follow the directions in the website downloads from the Arcemu website; they are straightforward, look nice, and are easy to modify.

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