Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Private Server

Sandy asks…

How can I make a world of warcraft private server?

I really want to make a private server for wow because my friend did it and it was really fun but now he got rid of it and i want one of my own. ps. I i already have regular wow

dknol answers:

Blizzard has been doing everything in it's power to put an end to private servers (violation of TOU). They have gone as far as sending cease and desist notices ( ). I would recommend not pursuing this.

Lisa asks…

How to make a world of warcraft private server website?

Okay so im bored with the wotlk and cata beta stuff , I would like to make my own WoW BC server but , How do i make my own site? Where people can go on forums and make accounts? How do i get that started up? I know how to download the server and run it , But thats all i have no idea on what to do on how to get people other then me on it , Anyone got any ideas on how i can start one?

dknol answers:

There are a lot of Online site builders around the internet for free,Ill list some below.

– Web Builders –
– This one is pretty easy to use and has a guide in it,just make an account and create.

-This one is great to,it is made for creating flash sites which makes your site look cool
But it has a lot of advertising on your site.

– I have no tested this one yet but seems nice and looks free.
-This one is awesome has tons of features, but you need to download it.

You could try some advanced site makers-



You could look more site makers here:

Well probably the best site creater would be clanmanager, it is mainly for clans but can be used for private servers-

Also if your going to make a site , you will need forums
Proboards is easy to use forum maker- OR

Hope i helped, If not you can use google or look at other answers.

Carol asks…

Are there any World of Warcraft private servers that are normal?

Are there an World of Warcraft private servers where you can level normally. Not like instant 70 or 2x level rate but just normal leveling normal WOW on a private server?

dknol answers:

Honestly.. Just buy a game card. You're never going to get the best experience off a private server. A 60day game card is only 30$ and its completely worth it if you know you're going to be playing often and if you know you're going to be enjoying yourself.

Daniel asks…

What are the security risks concerning my computer and WOW private servers?

The way I understand it, World of Warcraft private servers allow people to play for free, but not on Blizzard's server. Now, what are the security risks that my computer might run if I connect to one? Would the host of the peculiar server be able to hack my system, access information, and so on?

Please explain how a private server would work, and the risks that my computer would be running if I would connect to one. Thank you.

dknol answers:

I don't believe there is any risks like that. I've been playing in private servers for a long time. Nothing has happened yet. Neither have I heard of anyone's computer getting hacked. I only saw private servers getting DDOS attacks or having their own security issues. But players didn't have any problems yet.

If you're so concerned, I can add some extra security tips. Use an unofficial email address when you sign up. Delete any emails that claims to be from “Blizzard” and asks for your username/passwords etc. Don't download any programs created by private servers. Try not to donate to private servers. And last but not least, have an internet security/anti-virus software installed in your pc!

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Robert asks…

i am having problems getting on world of warcraft private servers?

im trying to get on a world of warcraft private server but when i say play with any of the private server downloads or look for wow.exe it cant be found i have windows vista what do i do to find it?

dknol answers:

The easy way to do it is if you have windows vista go to C:UsersPublicGamesWorld of WarcraftDataenUS then look for file called realmlist then open it up in notepad once youve done that delete what it already says thencopy this onto it:
set realmlist
set patchlist

click save and once youve saved it go to the site which is in the link I provided once your there click create and make an account once youve submitted the account wait about 3 minutes and then log on to World of Warcraft with the account you created and there you go youve done it.

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