Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Movie

David asks…

What is the dragon in the World of Warcraft startup screen?

Theres a dragon that continuously flies and roars every 3 mins or so. What is the name of this dragon?
is there a way to watch the little movie at the beginning again, like when you first got world of warcraft, the video before you start to play?

dknol answers:

The dragon's name is Sindragosa. To watch any of the opening movies click on the Cinematics button on the right side of the login screen.

Donna asks…

What are some things that you can say to get world of warcraft players mad?

What are some things that world of warcraft players hate to be called? What can you say to get them mad?

dknol answers:

Are you a player trying to cause problems or are you making fun of your friends:

(Do not advertise any false sites that will get you banned.)

If your wanting to make fun of your friends I cannot help you…we don't really get called anything.

If your a player wanting to cause issues:

Nub, Nubcakes, Noobs,

What to call them:
Call someone a trade troll who is being annoying in trade.
-someone who isn't a good troll call them a baby troll

Going around calling girl toons guys works also…never know who is playing.

What to do to stir up trade:

Make fun of Chuck Norris…A LOT.
Do Chuck Norris vs Care Bears(anything really) or something then go for the Care Bears in the discussion.

Lately people have been on a Dane Cook kick they make fun of him or worship him really depends.

Find Don Santos Famous Hunting Rifle and link it all over the place. For some reason that gets people riled up. (Never got the joke personally)

Any random link that fits with words. Anything wrong sounding gets trade stirred up people love it while others hate it.

Twilight on my server is touchy because vampires don't sparkle…

Murlocs…Murlock and Me…Murlock and the Furious….throw murloc movie titles in trade chat people hate trade chat going to the Murlock Titles and Chuck Norris…

Things like Obama sucks works to…I have had friends get whispered by GMs not to mention Obama because it causes trade uproar. (Politics really)

Religion usually gets trade stirred up.

George asks…

what are cartmans world of warcraft characters pants called he is wearing?

hey i wanna know what are cartmans world of warcraft characters pants called he is wearing because i wanna try to replicate his chars armor and i cant find the pants someone plz help…lol im a nerd.

dknol answers:

What is the video called? Link that I'll check the movie, and look it up —- edit my answer — and tell you. Just tell me which one is cartman too ^-^

Daniel asks…

Is upgrading to 16GB of RAM from 8GB worth the money?

I have a brand new HP Pavilion m6-1045dx and I use it for gaming (World of Warcraft) and streaming movies.

dknol answers:

You won't see any difference in WoW or movie streaming…
Only difference if you are loading a lot of different programs all at the same time. 8GB is more than enough for everything that you are doing.

Laura asks…

Anyone ever seen worldof warcraft movies where they have a char standing in a solidwhite background?

I want to make a world of warcraft movie, and ive seen a lot of movies on youtube were they have some of there characters ln a solid white background how do i do that? Some type of video editing program? if so please list all you know and how to do this? thanks

dknol answers:

Its a program called the WoW model viewer, it allows you to view any model currently in the game with any armor/weapons and manipulate it however you like. Link in sources.

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