Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Mounts

Mark asks…

How do you level up fast on World of Warcraft?

I want to know how to level up really fast on world of warcraft, so I can dungeon and get a mount. I have a level 6 human hunter and I want to level him up. Any advice?

dknol answers:

Buy wow gold and wow leveling guide.

Chris asks…

Can someone help me with a World of Warcraft Character Transfer Question?

My friend is quitting World of Warcraft and wants to get rid of his account. He has multiple characters on the account, but I am interested in transferring only one (I do not want the entire account; I don't want to pay for two subscriptions) to my account.

So my questions are as follows:

1. Is it possible to transfer a single character from one account to another if there are different names/e-mails attached to each account? If not, is there a way to “fix” it so I can?

2. If I transfer only one character to my account, how do account-wide items work? Would things like mounts and titles transfer to my account? Do only the mounts or titles earned with said character transfer? His account is loaded with rare mounts, titles, gold, account-bound items, etc…these are primarily what I want, not so much any extra toons.

3. One of his characters is GM of a defunct Level 25 Guild with bank tabs, gold, etc. If I transferred this toon, would all of that stuff transfer as well?

Those are my primary questions, not sure if there's any other information here I need to be gathering. I haven't messed around with this stuff ever, so I don't entirely understand the fine print…because account-selling is against ToS, I don't really wanna go calling Blizz either.

Basically, my intentions are to buy just one toon from him (the Guild Master), transfer it over to my account, on to the server I play on, and be able to get access to all of the mounts, titles, gold, guild, and anything else account-bound that he's earned on his account, on my account, on my server. I hope this makes sense.

Help greatly appreciated, I have to decide fast if I want to make any transaction with him.

dknol answers:

Sorry, but it's practically impossible unless you actually call the company, get the credit approval of your friend sayign he has given you premission, get him to talk, then possibly you might get the account, otherwise it's impossible.

James asks…

How many ways to get World of Warcraft golds?

Im a new player level 37 in World of Warcraft,i want to know how many ways to get wow golds,cause i want to buy a mount when i reach level 40.Ths

dknol answers:

1 completed your quest
2 kill monsters, get the gold from them
3 beg from another players
4 buy it from gold selling site, just like

good luck!

David asks…

What new features would you like to see in World of Warcraft?


I play World of Warcraft a lot and was wondering if any of you had any ideas of cool new features you would like to see added. I have a few. The first would be have a new race/class unlocked when you reach the maximum level so there is even more incentive to get there. I also want player housing (which I heard they are planning on adding later on in the future) and multiple hearthstone where you could set them to come to a certain grinding area or trainer. For the new race I think they should be something fun such as a centaur or murlock race. What do you think?

dknol answers:

One thing I would love would be if the characters appearance could be slightly modified as you level. I don't want something radical but to add scars, gray hair or such. I just think it would be cool to look like a grizzled veteran at level 60 as opposed to the fresh-faced rookie at level 6.

If they could improve the reliability of their World Events so that large scale combat would not result in server crashes. I would have loved to be involved in the War against the Ahn-Quiraj but the Gates Opening caused such problems that it wasn't even worth it to try.

I don't know if this would be an actual improvement but I would love if they would put the “Looking For Group” channel back to being local. One of the earlier patches changed it to a global channel which means that you receive messages from anyone, anywhere in the world. This works for my level 60 but my lower level alts cannot find groups since the channel is clogged with UBRS groups trying to get started. Maybe if they broke it into two separate channels, one local “Looking For Group” channel for the lower level quests and one global “Looking For Raids” channel for the higher levels looking for end-game groups

Plus I do agree, an attack capability from your mount would be cool. Gives you a “Calvary Charge” option when you get a number of high levels together.

Steven asks…

Need a Friend to Recruit for World Of Warcraft?

Hi, If you want an experienced friend to start playing world of Warcraft with, I'll play with you. If I recruit you we get 300% exoerience boost when we level up together and I get a mount (after you buy 2 months of game time). I'll pay for your leveling expenses and can level you up to the top level very quickly. Leave your email here and I'll invite you.

dknol answers:

I'll do it

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