Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Mounts

Mary asks…

where to find digital download mount in the game wow?

i already bought the World of Warcraft® Mount: Heart of the Aspects from the web site. how do i activate it in the game and where do i find it. thank you.

dknol answers:

It should be in your yahoo account, once it arrives just follow instructions. You don't have to do anything in-game until you go to collect it whcih you can find in your mailbox

Sandy asks…

What do I need to buy to possibly get a useable TCG world of warcraft item?

Well recently i've discovered that you can get rare things from the trading cards World of Warcraft sell, like a mount, companions, and a sandbox tiger thingy from ebay, I'm in united kingdom so any links to buy them NEW would be great if its a uk site, or if someone could just tell me the name of them so i can find them on ebay since all I seem to find is World of Warcraft class decks and such.

dknol answers:

There is just a link from online shop which sells TCG loots, you can check the name of the item you want and buy in ebay.

Laura asks…

How am I supposed to get a motorcycle mount in World of Warcraft?

I'm trying to figure out how to get a motorcycle mount in World of Warcraft, but I keep on struggling on finding it. I created a new character in the game and got engineering, but when I looked at the recipes there wasn't one for making a motorcycle mount. Is it because there isn't really a motorcycle mount recipe in engineering? If so, what do I need to get one, where, and how much will it cost?


-Tyler K

dknol answers:

Someone who has an engineering skill of 450 can create ‘Mekigneers Chopper, with your materials, for 16,000 – 20,000 gold. I recommend the Ice Mammoth, Tyler. Its 20,000 gold BUT if Exalted with Kirin' Tor, drops down to a small 16,000 gold. It holds 3 vendors! =D AND takes ALL damage when you fall! ^.^

~Happy Adventures! =D

William asks…

How much does a mount cost in World of Warcraft?

This is the first time I have ever played World of Warcraft and I was wondering this. I'm a Troll at level 20 and I am looking to get a mount to travel faster. How much will it cost me and where should I go for it? Thank you for your time!
I am currently in Orgimmar.

dknol answers:

The first ones are really cheap, compared to how costly they get after a while. You will need to find your race's mounts which are the raptors.

The blue name ones at the link are your current choices, each listed as costing 1 gold.


They are sold buy that guy at the link. He should be down near where you started out, the yellow dot on the map at that link, in the south end of that zone, shows where he is supposed to be located.

(You can have the the other Horde mounts, too, but you need exalted reputaion with their city factions first.)

James asks…

How to become exalted with a race in world of Warcraft?

I was wanting to get a mount froma different race in World of Warcraft and I heard that you have to become exalted with that race and I need to get a tabard or something. How do I become exalted with a race and how log does it take? How do I check my progress on it?

dknol answers:

You can receive tabards from the main citys these are usually located near the flight path within that city.
For me the difficuilty depends on what level you are if you are below 80 or 85 you can get boosted in instances while wearing the tabard and it should only take u a few hours straight or 2 days.
If you are high level or unable to get a boost through instances with the tabard it will take around 2 days straight of dungeoning with the tabard for reputation depending on your time played.

Some special factions can take significantly longer to get exalted with but can pay of more with unique mounts these include
-Netherwing- this is a level 70 faction which will repay you with a netherwing drake after a long rep grind of collecting eggs and completing dailies
-Kurenai- these are a level 65 faction located in nagrand which repay you with the talbuk mounts which look like space goats
-sha tari sky guard- these are a level 70 faction in skettis in terokar forest which repay you with netherray mounts once exalted
To answer your question straight if you are going to collect reputation for a racial faciton such as ironforge or orgrimar it should take you roughly 2 days of dungoening with the desired factions tabard

To check and trace your reputation progress Press C or go to your character profille within game then select the reputation tab at the bottom go to the faction you are getting rep with and it will show you your progress you can track this easier by clicking it and selecting show as experience bar on the right.

You can also gather reputation from completing and handing in quests for the factions NPCs
Hope my attempt at answering helped you in some way and happy gaming :)

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