Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Mounts

George asks…

When Do Lvl 30 Mounts Come Out On World Of Warcraft?

When does the lvl 30 mounts come out?
When does patch come out?

dknol answers:

When the new patch comes out :

James asks…

World Of Warcraft racial mounts?

I read on the patch notes that on patch 3.0.8 that racial restrictions on mounts were lifted. But I still need to be exiled with the trolls to get a raptor. I'm an orc. Am I missing something?

dknol answers:

Yes all it lifted was the racial restriction not the requirements to get the mount. Before you would not be able to get the raptor because it was only for trolls but now you can if you reach exalted status.

Susan asks…

What lv can i use flying mounts in northerend on World of Warcraft?

My dk is at lv 65 almost 66 and i don't know if i should get a flying mount at lv 70 cause they're really expensive and u can only use them in the outland unless u know cold weather flying and by the time i'm at lv 70 i'll be in northrend do you have too wait till a higher lv too learn cold weather flying

dknol answers:

Please uninstall WoW. I hope you dont play on a pvp server…or rppvp and ….psh…prolly play alliance…

Lizzie asks…

How do you get mounts(level 10) on world of warcraft?

I used to know but stopped playing for so long and forgot :x

dknol answers:

Well first off, you can't get mounts at level 10. Buuut you can get mounts at level 20. You can learn the apprentice riding skill at any major city. So wherever you are in a major city ask a guard for the riding trainer they will direct you to the riding trainer. I think it costs like 4g for the apprentice skill to be learnt. If you're a paladin or a warlock then you can learn the appropriate mount for the class such as Felsteed for warlocks and warhorse (Blood Elfs) or Sunwalker Kodo (Taurens) for Paladins. At level 40 you will be able to learn the journeyman riding skill which costs for 50g. This mount is 100% ground speed and for the apprentice riding skill ( which i said earlier ) is 60% ground speed. As before you can learn this at any major city with a riding trainer. For warlocks they get special mounts like before but this ones called Dreadsteed and for the paladins, Charger (Blood Elfs) or Great Sunwalker Kodo (Taurens).
Hope this helped alot.

Lisa asks…

World of Warcraft Tiger Mount is missing?

I bought a tiger mount in World of Warcraft and now cannot find it. Where is he?

dknol answers:

Well, its either in your bags, if you have allready learned it, then it SHOULD be under the Pets tab when you bring up your character menu, then click on mounts, then scroll thorugh the pages if you have many mounts. If you have allready done that and it's not thee, Ticket a GM.

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