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Carol asks…

If I buy World of Warcraft from a store, can I play for free? Or do I still have to pay?

Me and my brother share an Xbox 360, and recently he moved it up into his room. He plays it non-stop so I've been looking for another game for me to play in the time being. I saw that I can play World of Warcraft for free, but it's only a starter edition. So I was wondering if I could buy the game instead and play all the way through it without pay any extra fee's. Is this possible?

dknol answers:

You have to pay a monthly fee to play wow on all the blizzard servers.
You can download the game for free online and download private servers to play on for free, just the real blizzard servers are better and will likely never be shut down.

If I were you, I would download the starter edition and play the game first and see if you even like it or not.
If you like it and would like to play it past level 20 and unlock more stuff, you will then have to update the starter edition to paid edition.

The starter edition can be found on the blizzard entertainment site.

I would like to add, if for some reason you plan to buy the games in store, do know that blizzard entertainment does have a big discount on the game patches right now due to a christmas special.

Mandy asks…

How do i get world of warcraft for free?

How do i get world of warcraft for free???

dknol answers:

I'm 99.9% sure this is impossible. First of all they have protection on their software. If you do download it or copy it from someone you probably won't be able to install it. And even if you do, you won't be able to play. WoW requires a monthly membership, and without paying for it you're not gunna get to play.

Basically the only way to play for free is to make a character on a friend's account.

Chris asks…

What game is similar to World of Warcraft?

But i want it completely free not like guild wars but is there a game just like world of warcraft but free? Such as Runes of Magic.

dknol answers:

Runescape is awful, and nothing like wow….I would say try perfect world…its a bit different, but one of the best free mmo so far…

Decent graphics…very customizable characters…
Flying…etc…quests…not 100% grinding…instances…its not so bad.

Jenny asks…

Do you have to pay for worl of warcraft?

I no thag you used to have to pay to play W.OW online. But someone told me that they were making world of warcraft free? Anyone know if this is true?

dknol answers:

Blizzard would still have to afford the cost of it's servers, maintenance, all the work they do hosting all those characters…the electric bill from having that stuff running all the time… I doubt it will ever be free. You may be thinking of the trial which has become unlimited 20-level-cap instead of the old 10 days or so that it used to be. Private servers exist that do not cost… They however are not run by Blizzard and can have their drawbacks.

Steven asks…

Is it possible to download and play World of Warcraft for free?

Is it possible to download and play World of Warcraft for free?

I don't mean the free trial but to play the full game for free.
Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm.

Would it also be possiblle to download it online? or does the game have to be bought at a game store?

Thank you.

dknol answers:

You can play on private servers, these are illegally run by random people and are not legit Blizzard servers. They usually have custom rates, such as 1-kill-to-85 rules and the like.

WoW is cheaper now more than it's ever been. You can buy WoW and Burning Crusade for around £6 on the website. You just need to buy the other expansions as you need them.

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