Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Free

Maria asks…

How do i get free world of warcraft? (Read first)?

Well, since Im 14, i can't get a legal job, therefore, I cant make money and further pay for world of warcraft. If there is nowhere i can get it for free, then how can i make the money so that my dad will continue my subscription? Its only 15 dollars a month.

dknol answers:

14 here too. Uhh, yeah. Jobs around the house should be good. It's only $15 a month; you could mow lawns or something too if you had to.

David asks…

is there a way to get free world of warcraft Time?

i wanted to get world of warcraft but its too expensive per month and as a 13 year old i need money for new ps3 games so can anyone help me?

dknol answers:

No there isn't

Steven asks…

How can I get free world of warcraft subscription?

dknol answers:

You do get 1 month free just for buying WoW. After that, you'll have to pay to play or you can sign up with sites like Lockerz or Prizerebel. Basically, get spammed and annoy the hell out of your friends just to play for free.

Thomas asks…

can free World of Warcraft play play with paid players?

i just made a free WOW account and was wondering if free World of War-craft play play with paid players because my BFF plays wow, but he pays. i understand that i will not have Access to the whole map but could he meet me in one of the free areas.
I've never played wow before

dknol answers:

Of course you can meet ur bud in game even though you only have free account.However u cannot group or trade with them. Lots of limitation u will meet.

William asks…

Any1 have a free world of warcraft authentication code for time i can have?

If you do please email me it. I will greatly appreciate it.

Please no spam of buying it myself or making a trial version.
Oops good point i mean an authentication code that no one wants to use and will give to me

dknol answers:

The codes aren't free, so no, no one has a free one.

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