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Donna asks…

Is World of Warcraft bad to play as far as religion?

I'm not very religious, and I really don't think Jesus or God would care if I played World of Warcraft, but my friend seems to think it's bad for religion. So what do you think about it?

dknol answers:

This is pretty funny. Reminds me of a time a few years ago when we were looking for people to join up for a dungeon run. One of the party members said something like, “Oh my god! This is taking forever!” and another member said: “Don't call out the Lord's name in vain!!!”

I rolled my eyes.

The first guy responded something like: “Are you kidding?” The second person said: “No one should call out our Lord in vain!”

I sighed and ignored them for a bit. Then somehow they started arguing about it and I finally said: “Really? Seriously?” and left the party.


Also reminds me of another time when we had someone joined the forums and the kid said he wasn't able to play because his mom thought the game is anti-christ. She also thought playing a Warlock was evil. Well… Nothing is more evil than fundamentalist religion… IMO anyway.


If you're a fundamentalist Christian, a LOT of things in the world will ‘go against' your religion. (rolls eyes) Alas, if you're just a Christian philosopher, rather than a hardcore religious nutcase, then “Really? Seriously? Does it matter?”


Thomas asks…

How do I macro an up command in World of Warcraft?

I am trying to do a macro with which I can scroll between the six fast-macro (1-0, -, and =.) The control for this is shift+up, but I cant seem to macro the up button. I believe the macro for shift is /modifier:shift, so I have the first part done. Does anyone know the macro code for up in World of Warcraft?

dknol answers:

I personally don't know it, I would use a keybinding for this and just switch if from shift up to something more user friendly, but if there is a site that would have this macro on it I would try

Its a major multioboxing forum and as a multiboxer we use a ton of macros to combine everything. I would suggest searching on there or even opening a post. Good luck

Susan asks…

What are some of the best ways to recruit for your guild in World of Warcraft?

Please ony answer if you have had your own guild before in World of Warcraft.

dknol answers:

First, I would never, ever join a guild that spams in trade chat. Why? It reeks of desperation. It suggests that your guild is willing to pick up just anybody. And it tends to be questionable the quality of person you do pick up. Do you want trade trolls in your guild?

Slightly better than trade chat is your realm forum at . Yes, there are trolls that roam around in there too. But handled correctly, you come out looking like the mature one and impress potential recruits.

The best route to go is to PUG. I know it sends a shiver up the spine. But if you think about it, those PUGs often times don't have a regular raid spot and maybe would like one. And, it's more likely that their schedule fits yours (they are running the raid with you, afterall). If they're good, you can make an offer. If you're good, they might accept.

Nancy asks…

Why does my world of warcraft downloader stop after 12 percent every time?

i have installed the game. Now when i log in it sais “download complete” and i have to restart Wow. then it brings me back to “install world of Warcraft” and starts downloading. After 12 percent, it quits. every time. someone help! i've already paid for my account!

dknol answers:

It does sound like either a firewall or “fuzzy” internet problem (my internet sometimes gets very unreliable.) You will likely have to go through several log ins, even with it working correctly, because it tends to download each patch individually.
If turning off the firewall doesn't work and its not a connection problem, I suggest either calling WoW or searching/posting in their forums:

James asks…

How do you steal back a WOW account when it has been stolen by the japanese hackers?

My freinds WOW (World of Warcraft) account has been stolen by Japanese hackers (i think) and i dont know how to get it back? I bet they already changed the password and stuff.

dknol answers:

If you believe that your friends account has been compromised, you might want to follow this guide on what to do. It is written by a World of Warcraft gamemaster:

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