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Linda asks…

Where can I sell a World of Warcraft account without getting jipped?

I'm trying to get a life again and I want to sell my world of warcraft account, anyone know a site?

dknol answers:

I've been selling for about ten years.

The top marketplace is – They'll give you a scam free payment. Absolutely impossible to ever be defrauded as a seller with their system, and you're still selling player to player for max profit.

Ebay forbids virtual goods, and craiglist has plenty of scammers that will send a payment and then dispute it with Paypal later on.

The top unsecured forum for trading accounts is, followed by
However, there's no security in forums so you'll need to pay an experienced account trader to ‘middleman' the transaction for you to keep you protected from a reversed Paypal payment.

Mary asks…

What are all the quests that tell the story in World of Warcraft?

I was wondering what are all the quests that tell the story line in World of Warcraft for all the expansions? Can some one give me a list. Im a Human male paladin.

dknol answers:

To be honest, there is no REAL main quests for any of the patches, there are many interlocking quests that deal with the story line.

However, if your dead-set on finding out ALL the quests, you could try the WoW site.
I'm sure they have a list in there somewhere, if not, definitely the forums.

Carol asks…

If you can support World of Warcraft on your laptop, can you support Diablo 3?

I'm planning on buying Diablo 3. I've played World of Warcraft and some other mmo's and supported them pretty good, but I'm not sure about Diablo 3. I didn't play the beta so I wouldn't know.

dknol answers:

See system requirements for Diablo 3 here:

Lizzie asks…

When I login into World Of Warcraft I do not have the settings i had when i last logged in. How can I fix this?

I also tried to download an addon but when i got to character choice I can not see the little addon button. I know i put it in the right folder. I also know i am running the world of warcraft from that folder. But for some reason i don't have my video settings and things like that that i set before.

dknol answers:

Hrm. Are you using the normal folder for WoW, or did you choose a different folder?

Try double checking everything, deleting and re-installing the add-on. If that doesn't work, try the WoW tech support forum. They are better equipped to help you there.

Jenny asks…

Where can I get more World of Warcraft friends?

Is there a site to where I can find people in the same realm as me in World of Warcraft? Me and my friends used to play but they quit and I still think its fun, only if you have people to play with.

dknol answers:

Your Realm Forum is the best way to find others who play on the same realm as you, and they may refer you to a website people from that realm frequent.

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