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Donald asks…

Where can I get info about NEW World of Warcraft servers?

I'm thinking about playing WoW again, but I want to know where i can go to find out about new WoW servers. I would ask on the forums but you need a current paid account to ask questions on there. I dont want to start a new account until I know what day a new server will come up. So it would be great if someone could post a link about when Blizz launches new servers.

dknol answers:

Blizzard almost never announces ahead of time when brand new realms would be released. On average, less than 24 hours of notice have been provided on the official forums.

For a timeline of when each Realm was launched and it's official post (found next to each date), check out:

Aside from searching the official General or Blizzard Archive forums, other good sources include websites that covers daily World of Warcraft news or tracks Blue posts, such as:

However, it would be a daily effort on your part unless you have a friend that follows the daily news and Blue posts, and most importantly, remembers to alert you whenever new realms are announced.

Lastly, when you're ready to play again and wish to start a new account, do consider letting a friend to recruit you via the Recruit-a-Friend program, or contact me and allow me to recruit you (click on my avatar and email me). You'll receive a special 10-day trial Authentication Key and the recruiter would be rewarded 30 days of free game time after you purchase the game and begin your subscription.

If your keen in restarting an old account has expired for over 90 days, please allow me to send you a Scroll of Resurrection (click on my avatar and email me). It will provide you with 10 days of free game time, but only before you resume your subscription or add game time to your account. Thank you.

Helen asks…

an imagine of “blue post” of World Of Warcraft about FLY and WALK?

first, please forgive my unskilled English explanation to set my imagine.
the “blue post” that switch between “FLY” and “WALK” is a inspiration coming from that one day, when I was riding my headless horse mount, and press “space”, i found that my horse up to sky suddenly, yes, it just like before that seems normal,

but when the patch was in 3.35 of Lich King, when i was in Azeroth when i press “space” the horse would lifted its fore-hoofs with a husky voice, that sounds very “coooooooool”
F+SPACE any place to lift your mount's forepaws with special voices
W+SPACE any place to fly as usually like before.
and default function of SPACE for flying mounts are up to sky.

so i set my imagine that:
models of griffins, ancestor dragons,fire hawks and so on that WHEN WE JUST WANT THEM TO WALK ,we press “W”+keyboard of ”SPACE”, then any place and time the mount will just walk and waving theirs wings with its specilized voice, when we use “F”+”SPACE” , then at any place and time ,the mount will switch the function of “SPACE” from WALK to FLY,

so you can keyboard of “SPACE” lift the mounts' fore-hoofs or forepaws and the the other is to FLY,
LOOK! when use SPACE to make your mount as griffins or dragons to lift their forepaws with shocking voices that are really very coooooooool.

F+SPACE any place to lift your mount's forepaws with special voices
W+SPACE any place to fly as usually like before.
and default function of SPACE for flying mounts are up to sky.

Thanks for your attention for my unskilled English explanation,

if possible, please take my advice to world of warcraft of US FORUM. for many reasons , i have no extra money and time to buy a U.S client of world of warcraft, so if any player from US server that are looking at my imagine of “blue post” ,please send it to US FORUM and return the game master's responde to me ,

thanks very much again.
my name is Air Know Shine ,if possible i hope to get a gratis client of US :-)

dknol answers:

Its quite difficult to understand what you are saying.

Mounts are easy, on the ground running you just move as you would your character.
If its a flying mount pressing space will make it take off the ground to fly.
If you want the mount to walk on the ground, there is a button to toggle run/walk. Check in your keybinds

If you want a flying mount not to take off and instead do the “lift fore-hoofs” animation you can typing “/mountspecial” and it will do an animation rather than fly.

Charles asks…

keep disconnecting from world of warcraft?

is anybody getting same problems? the login process is severely slow and when i finally get to the loading character screen it disconnects me from server. also the world of warcraft website is loading really really badly slow aswell as the forums and it IS NOT my internet connection. my connection is running faster than ever. blizzard has fail upload speed?

dknol answers:

Fail patch. Me and 6 others I know of are having issues.

Daniel asks…

What happens when you reach the level cap on a World of Warcraft starter?

I've reached 100 on Fishing and Cooking, but I can still go further into the skill? I have now learned Expert on fishing, and I'm wondering… “Does the skill go down when you get a full account?” What happens? I can't exactly ask on World of Warcraft forums.. So can anyone tell me here?

dknol answers:

You will keep what you have and then move on to the next tier, max it and so on. Professions max at 525 until expansion

Maria asks…

How do you look up the main character of a person hiding being an alt on the world of warcraft forums?

I know it can be done because I have seen numerous people be called out on their mains on the forums for hiding behind an alt but no one seems to know how to do it when I ask. If you know please tell me because I am tired of people hiding on alts and trolling forum posts.

dknol answers:

You can't unless you have the person who is using a alt to ask a question logon information. The ones that do know the that are using alts know the people's main char. I was asked once why I was not using my main char to ask something in the forum, told the person that I didn't use her as she was not the char that had got bugged, every time the char rode a boat she ended on the side of it. Did get some areas discovered that normally a level 10 alliance char would not discover.

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