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George asks…

Can you transfer World Of Warcraft after you download it from their site?

I wanted to buy World Of Warcraft by downloading it from their site (not through retail), but I will have to transfer it to a different computer of mine within the next few months. Would that mean that I had to buy it all over again? or is it legal to transfer it?

dknol answers:

Once you have purchased a digital copy you can download it onto any PC through without making further purchases although even if you requested a CD copy of the game through Blizzard they would decline, either this or use an external data device big enough to hold and transfer all of the disk space used by the game and its patches.

James asks…

What makes World of warcraft faster, downloading it or installing it?

What makes World of warcraft faster, downloading it or installing it?
My 10day trial ends in 2 days and i just purchased the WoW battlechest. Now should i unistall WoW and install it with CD? or just leave it there.

PLZ answer only if u know alot about this

dknol answers:

If you downloaded the trial, you should have everything you need to keep playing (the trial client includes the original WoW and Burning Crusade data).

If you do need to install it, installing from the CD is a lot faster; you have to download and then install the files vs. Simply installing them from the local source (DVD).

John asks…

How to switch back from burning crusade to original World of Warcraft on battlenet account?

See i upgraded my account last week on the original world of warcraft and i was looking thru the buring Crusade expantion pack and pressed get trial now it wont let me long on world of warcraft. It says Ur computer is not authorizedied to run this type of world of warcraft please download th buring crusade and do i lose my upgrade if i cant get the classic 1 back

dknol answers:

Since your account was upgraded to the Burning Crusade, you cannot play original WoW anymore. You must have the Burning Crusade to play anymore, and the same will happen when you upgrade it to Wrath of the Lich King.

Nancy asks…

How do I move programs saved on the desktop to another location on my computer?

We have saved Picasa (Google's photo program) and World of Warcraft (downloaded from disk) on the desktop but realize that it is slowing down the computer immensely. Can we move those two programs without losing what is saved in them? My son's games are saved, for example, and he does not play online so he saves everything right there. Please help me with step-by-step instructions. It is an old Dell than runs Windows XP, if that helps. Thanks!

dknol answers:

If you want to move the installed programs to another drive it will not work.
You will have to uninstall the software and while installing it back choose the other drive as the location to be installed.

Susan asks…

Why is world of warcraft downloading so slow on my laptop?

i just got a new laptop for christmas and i've been trying to download World of Warcraft on it all day. I downloaded it on my desktop a while ago and it was alot faster, it may be because i have an error and it says “your computer appears to be behind a firewall”. But i tried turning it off through Norton anti virus and windows control panel and it says its off. Also, my cousin logged in while it was playing and he has all the upgrades for it, so could that also be a problem?

dknol answers:

World of warcraft needs to be downloaded on a computer that has lots of memory like a gamer computer. My daughter burned up the hard drive on her laptop twice playing wow on it. Laptops are not usually made for wow. When she played wow on her laptop it was very slow also…

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