Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Download

George asks…

Does world of warcraft download faster from the CD than the internet?

I know that it's a bit of a silly question, but does world of warcraft download faster from the cd than the internet? I tried downloading the client from the internet but it's taking so long, is the cd installation way faster?

dknol answers:

It does go faster if you use the discs.

With doing it online, you have to download it and THEN install it. It can take hours, depending on how fast your internet connection is and whether or not you have a firewall.

Just with using the discs, you're not downloading very much, except for the patches afterward.

Joseph asks…

how can i make world of warcraft patch downloads quicker? i have a vostro 200 if its important?

how can i make world of warcraft patch downloads quicker? i have a vostro 200 if its important. patches usually take 18-24 hours on my brand new comp i got today.

dknol answers:

If you have a firewall, turn it off. Thats what slowed mine. If that still doesnt help, try getting faster internet. Sorry

Ken asks…

How do you download World of Warcraft?

Can you download it from the internet and get it free up to level 20? Yeah, I know I'm going to be one of those noobs that run around annoying the shit out of everyone but I want to play it. And when I search “World of Warcraft download” it just comes up with random crap. Please help me thank you.

dknol answers:


Here you go
When you are searching for a game that's free, then that cotegory is called “Free To Play”

don't type free download, cause some virus sh*t will show up

and btw it's 17 GB

Linda asks…

World of Warcraft is on my old computer how can I install it on my laptop ?

I have world of warcraft downloaded on my desktop, how can I install it on my new laptop? I don't have the regular CD but i have the expansion.

dknol answers:

Oh oh me and my cousin wanted to play wow from the same house so we connected the laptop to pc and just copied and pasted the files!! We didnt think it would work cos of patches and stuff but it did…

Richard asks…

How do you restart the download for a World Of Warcraft patch?

I was downloading the patch last night but it's stuck on 70%. Whenever I go the world of warcraft patch downloading page it is just staying there at 70% I need to restart the download but i have no idea how.

dknol answers:

Just close out of the download and download the patch somewhere else online if it keeps freezing

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