Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Download

Ruth asks…

do i have to download world of warcraft if i have already downloaded the starter pack?

i have downloaded world or warcraft starter pack and i want to upgrade it to a full account but will i have to download more stuff ?? and is the first month free ??

dknol answers:

Yes, you have to buy the game. WoW is free to play up to level 20 (as of right now).

Sandra asks…

How do I download World of Warcraft onto my external HD?

My brother just go a new computer but he needs as much space as possible on his hard drive. How do I download the game onto my external hard drive so I can play it on his computer?

dknol answers:

Here are the steps:

1. Make a directory on your external HDD.
2. Install the game on that directory.
3. Connect the HDD to his PC.
4. Configurate the settings and add a shortcut.
5. Have fun

George asks…

How can I download World of Warcraft on the internet?

Somebody told me I dont have to buy the disks, and i can download it from Blizzard. But i'm not interested in the free trial.

dknol answers:

If you have already purchased the game and upgraded your account to that expansion and may have reformatted or lost the game and don't have your cd keys, you can download the game straight from your account management page at no cost and resume playing.

If you want to purchase through the blizzard store it depends on if they offer digital. If not you'll be doing the same as if you purchased it in a store, but the plus is you may receive discounts that you would have originally missed.

There's always the controversial P2P downloading of games, but with a game like WoW, you won't be able to play online unless you purchase legal game keys, which cost the same as buying from their store or any game store anyways.

Paul asks…

How can I enable my firewall so I can download world of Warcraft?

It keeps on coming up with a yellow light, saying: ‘Your computer appears to be behind a firewall'
Its really irritating and can't download the game quicker with this on. Help please!

dknol answers:

It may be that your router if you have one, is blocking the downloads if not using a browser to download.
Most routers will automatically open the connection from FTP servers or torrent apps. Like with msn. Some don't and you have to put the port address in the router config.
With utorrent you find which port utorrent is using and then log in to your router and type in the ports it want to use.

With a firewall, the windows firewall normally opens for net traffic and programs automatically but you can check by going into the control panel and opening firewall and checking which programs are being given access.

I would suggest if you are using a router to just plug the modem directly into the PC and bypass the router if you cant figure out how to open the ports. Put it back when you Finnish the download.

Mark asks…

how do i download world of warcraft onto another computer?

i already have an account,

my old computer got a virus so now i want to download it onto this computer, but i dont have the discs.

my friend told my i could go to the website and i can just download it without having them, but i couldnt find it.

help me out?

dknol answers:

Log into from there go to manage account. Scroll down a bit on the main page there and click on Download Game Client. Then follow the instructions they give you.
Good luck and have fun!

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