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David asks…

World of Warcraft: What are good holy and disc Priest heal specs…?

I have been out of the world of warcraft loop for about 9 months now, but I restarted my account and started regearing my priest. I used to heal as both disc and holy. What are some good specs for a holy and a disc priest. I would also appreciate spell rotation and the spec pro's and cons. Thanks.

dknol answers:

Use World of Warcraft Armory and you can plan out your specs before putting them in the game.

Paul asks…

Does anyone know eveilina, darkkiss, or whispere on the realm norgannon on World of warcraft?

i met this girl the first day i played world of warcraft and after like three years she just didnt come on anymore. i wanted to know where she went and wanted to know if anyone knew her in real life or in the game? plz i really need to find her she was so nice. really the nicest person id ever met in there!

dknol answers:

There could be lot's of explanations. You can type in her name in the WoW armory and see if anything pops up. If a lot of people have that name though then It will be a little tricky. Other explanations could be that she simply doesn't play anymore. I play WoW and there have been times that I have not played a character for months. Is she lvl 80? I have a good friend who reached lvl 80 (played that for a little while) and now he probably hasn't been on in I'd say in about 5-6 months. He just said it was getting a little redundant and he doesn't play anymore. I know him in real life though so that's how I know. Good Luck!

Carol asks…

What is the best way for a level 35 human warrior to level to 40 in World of Warcraft?

I am a level 35 human warrior, and I am looking for a good way to level up to 40 and make a lot of gold. If someone can please tell me a good area (besides Stranglethorn Vale), then I would be very happy.

dknol answers:

Grind/get run through the scarlet monastery cathedral/armory. Great exp and gear, and when Bind on Equip blues drop theyre usually worth 50+ gold. Oh and its all human mobs in there so u get decent $$ per kill

Susan asks…

How does world of Warcraft arenas at level 80 work?

if i play 10 games a week i get a set amount of arena points? so if i played 50 in a week i wouldnt get more arena points than playing 10 games?

dknol answers:

Go to the WOW arena calculator on their armory and it will tell you a estimate of how many points you would recive im 99% sure it goes on your team level e.g you play 100 games but only a team level of 100 you would get the same if u played 10games and had the score of 100…

But you need to play atleast 10 games to get points

Michael asks…

How do I improve my lockpicking in World of Warcraft?

I am lvl 101. I can't seem to get any higher from the first practice area. People keep telling (including the rogue trainer), to go above Menethil harbor in the Swamps where all the Murlocs are. However, every box says my skill is not high enough! What am I doing wrong?

dknol answers:

Lockpicking is one of the most useful skills rogues have to other players in the game. Lockpicking, as the name suggests, allows a rogue to pick locks that keep doors, chests, or lockboxes closed. This rogue class skill works well, the problem is raising the skill. The following steps will detail one way for the alliance rogue to raise his lockpicking skills to benefit himself and his fellow players.

Horde Rogue characters can raise their lockpicking skill by following the steps found in the Lockpicking Guide. The following guide outlines one path alliance rogue may take to raise their lockpicking skill.

Alliance Lockpicking 1-90: Redridge Valley
The best starting point for an Alliance rogue to raise his lockpicking skill is Anther's Mill in Redridge Valley. At level 15, t an alliance rogue will receive a quest which tells him to head to Lakeshire and speak to a dwarf named Lucius. If the rogue character has not picked up a set of thief's tools before getting the quest from him, Lucius will give the character a set of thieves tools before sending him off to the mill.

The mill is located northeast of Lakeshire and contains a series of practice lockboxes and Lucius's chest. A rogue character should open the practice lockboxes until he can no longer gain skill increases from them. After a rogue has earned all the skill increases he can from the lockboxes, he should open Lucius's chest to retrieve the thieves' token.

Alliance Lockpicking 91-150: Two Handy Locations
There are two locations alliance rogues can visit to raise their lockpicking skill from 91 to 150. The first is a towerr in Westfall, the other requires a water breathing potion and heading to the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale, where lockboxes can be found underneatht the water.

For players who do not wish to take their rogue character underwater or who cannot find a water breathing potion or a warlock willing to cast unending breath on them should head to the tower in Westfall. The Westfall tower has a locked chest near the top. Bringing a long a friend to keep nearby boss occupied may help the character coming here to raise his lockpicking skill.

Alliance Lockpicking 151-225: Scarlet Monastery
The doors that guard the entrance to the Armory and the Cathedral of Scarlet Monastery can be opened by a rogue using the lockpicking skill, but only one skill up per door may be obtained per door every five minutes. This effect can be countered by entering an instance and resetting it.. Caution is required when using this method or the guardians of the monastery on the outside of the instance may aggro the rogue.

Should the alliance rogue wish to do something else besides reset the instance he can go into the library or graveyard of Scarlet Cathedral and pickpocket mobs for lockboxes. When the rogue has had his fill of pickpocketing or has pilfered several lockboxes, he can go back to the doors and unlock them again.

Alliance Lockpicking 226-280: Lockboxes from Other Player
Rather than going to a specific location in the game world, the best strategy to raise lockpicking from 226 to 280 is to offer to open lockboxes that other players have looted. Lockboxes often contain green items that sell for more to a vendor than the box itself. A player whose character does not have the lockpicking skill must rely on a rogue to open it. Tipping the rogue who offers this service is a standard practice, but if a rogue offers to open these items for free, he should be able to get a few skill ups.

Alliance Lockpicking 280-300
The best strategy to get from 280 to 300 is to find groups for Blackrock Depths and open the many locked doors and other containers that can be found in the instance. Guilds will love the rogue who raises his lockpicking skill high enough to make sure they can get into all raid instances and get the guild as much loot as possible.

Also another guide.

I thought I would post this since I get asked as a rogue all the time what the easiest way to level up your lockpicking is. I have tips for both horde and alliance to get your lockpicking from 1-300 pretty easy. Having it at 300 is the best thing because you don't need to worry about keys for doors, there are exceptions though. Since the keyring was added keys don't take up space, but you could still pick a lock before you get the key, like the searing gorge key.

In addition to the steps below, make sure you pickpocket any humanoids that you can, hopefully they'll drop chests. If you can't open it up then save it for when you are at that skill so you have a fast boost. There is also footlockers in various locations that you can use for skill ups.

You can also sit in town and open boxes for people. You don't get much business this way but it does help you level for free.

Step 1 : (About 1-75) Do the Inital Rogue lockpicking quest

This entails feeding a parrot a cracker close to ratchet, then unlocking the chests on the boat. You want to do this until

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