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Laura asks…

As a world of warcraft mage wat is the talent tree for AoE?

right now im frost mixed wit a little fire…u can look me up on wow my name is MAGEBEAST im the only one…if not im on Twisted neather

dknol answers:

Any talent tree will give you sufficient AoE if you use it properly. And it also depends on what your focus is. PvE, PvP, grinding, solo'ing….etc

Raiding, definitely fire. Solo or PvP, I preferred frost. Nova, CoC, AE, cold snap…repeat aforementioned sequence and you've just racked up a lot of DPS especially if you've specced 5/5 in shatter.

Arcane, meh I wasn't a fan but spamming AE made for an easy way to AoE farm.

All in all, it's up to you. I've always said that mages have 3 useful talent trees which I couldn't confidently say about the other classes. And don't believe the QQ's about mages being useless. I'd roll with a good mage any day. Experiment with all different specs and resort to the one you're most comfortable with.

GL and happy hunting.

Mandy asks…

How can I sell a world of warcraft character?

How can I go about selling a world of warcraft character. Dranei Paladin, fully geared ret. Plenty of epics for tanking, healing, dps pvping, and healing pvping. What's a website? Price-range? Any other info? I'm not trying to rip anyone off I just want to sell it cause I don't play anymore.

dknol answers:

In my opinion, is the best place to sell your account.
I have sold my account through craiglist and it was fairly simple.

Just be sure to mention the number of characters, character levels, spec, and professions, armory links, have dual spec? Let 'em know, whether they have epic flying, faction and server, maybe a few exalted factions or 2.

Be aware of scammers. Do not give out your information until you have a secure payment or payment transaction.

Also, do not sell your account on ebay, Blizz has an agreement with ebay that will flag your account.

Thomas asks…

World of warcraft filling out a Online Application to join a guild?

I am trying to fill out online application to a guild on world of warcraft. how do i insert my information on thre application tab. I heard i need to copy and paste but how dose it work were do i paste it at, and how do i get it to post ?please help.

dknol answers:

Most applications are simple enough. Name, times available and all of that jazz. I'm unclear on exactly what your asking, but it sounds to me like you just want to copy your gear, level and all that into your ap.

Just go to the wow armory, find your character. Copy and paste the link to it, then post that link on your ap.

Sandy asks…

How can I become a good Dps in World Of warcraft?

How can i become a good warrior Dps in World Of Warcraft?

dknol answers:

First of all, go to

Choose your class and spec from the red, horizontal menu near the top
(most are updated to WoTLK)

Your DPS rotation cycle is listed at the top.
From here you can import your character from the armory and play around with it.

Second, weather your doing arenas, bgs, instances, or raids, be aware of what's going on around you. You could have full t7 and put out 3k dps sustained, but if you are not aware of your threat, adds, or do something stupid (like forget to run out from Prince when he does Enfeeble) you will have a hard time getting invited back.

To help with your threat, get an addon that displays it for your visually (like Omen; you can get this from

Helen asks…

Which World of Warcraft server has a good population of asian players?

Which World of Warcraft server has a good population of asian players? My current server is mostly US players…all sleeping when i play and all playing while i sleep:(

dknol answers:

Look into blood furnace realm. It has a horde guild that is one of the best on the server and is all asian, its called P L A. From midnight to 5 a.m here there will be 50+ people on from the guild. Not sure what you have to do to get into the guild but i would look into it. If you search it at armory there is spaces between the letters.

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