Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Armory

Thomas asks…

Which should i buy, the Iphone or Nokia N97?

First, am a huge Nokia fan when it comes to mobile phones. However, the Iphone has many many applications that can be installed on it (of which is the New world of warcraft Armory)
Also, i am thinking of the modding possibilities of the Iphone are nice.

dknol answers:

It comes down to the same decision as I had between the iPhone and t mobile g1, from experience with my iPod touch I know there are loads of ‘cool' things you can do with an iPhone, but while that's all good fun the more important things aren't as well supported! Like the g1 the nokia will have plenty of fun apps to download to keep you amused but it will also benefit from more serious apps (like email apps,doc reader apps, satnav apps etc) and at the end of the day a phone is about more than just showing your friend a mildly amusing ‘glow stick' on ur phone! Lol

I also think the iPhone is just a bit common now, so many of my friends have them and while I'm not too concerned about bein an individual it's nice to have something a bit different to look at! Lol

hope this helps and good luck choosing ur new phone!

Jenny asks…

what am i doing wrong on my MS warrior in world of warcraft?

i got a MS warrior i got decent gear but i cant keep up wit dks so can a expert arms warrior tell me the spells they use in order or somebody tell me something that will help heres my char on wow armory

dknol answers:

Dude, honestly, u need to have WAY better gear to beat a DK, warriors right now are designed either to work with a healer, or a lower armored class such as a hunter/mage/priest/rogue or w/e. DK's area hero class, they are very hard to beat. I suggest u check out thread to see what they recommend for PVP. In my opinion, warrios are pretty weak in PVP, unless they have a good healer behind them. My paladin can beat a warrior in any spec, i have a healin set, and a retribution set. That's simply because a paladin can heal, plus has good damage, plus has good defensive abilities. Learn to see what other classes do, and learn how to counter them. That is the way of PVP.

IN PVE, warriors are doing OK.

Sandy asks…

Strong PvE server in World of Warcraft?

Hello! I've grown very bored of my WoW server (Sentinels) and i need a new one. My main toon is an 85 lock i lvl 361. Can you reccomend a PvE heavy server or if you need me in your guild let me know.
I am hoping to server change within a week or two so please let me know.

If you want to look at my main, Wow Armory Diamano-Sentinels.
85 Warlock. 15-20k dps consistently. Thanks!

dknol answers:

The best horde pve realm is Illidan

The best alliance pve realm is Proudmoore

Donna asks…

how can i get the epic item ‘flurry axe' in world of warcraft?

i found this item on the armory but it doesn't list the best way to find it. please help

dknol answers:

Looks like it doesn't drop so often, here's the info I could find though:

Joseph asks…

In World of Warcraft, what's the best way to get from level 35 to level 40?

I've been grinding the Scarlet Monastery Armory instance in Tirisfal Glades (I'm a level 35 Night Elf Druid), and I'm wondering if there's an easier way, seeing as it takes a long time to form a group and get to Tirisfal Glades, as well as the higher-end Horde that end up guarding the Meeting Stone. Any advice? I really want my mount and my Moonkin form =)

dknol answers:

Try Nessingwary's Camp in Stanglethorn Vale, and Booty Bay quests till 38-39ish, and then go to Feralas. The NE city on the iseland should have some quests for use. The easiest way to lvl is utilize rested exp. Log out in inns, cities, etc.

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