Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Armory

William asks…

Checking inactive World of Warcraft characters?

Is there a way that doesn't involve using the WoW armory to check my characters armor and items without having to pay for another months service? Because my accounts been inactive for so long I can't actually use the armory.

dknol answers:

No sorry there isn't. What you should do if you ever do get back in the game is screen shot everything so you have a record. Otherwise you're outta luck :(

Donald asks…

My friend's World of Warcraft was hacked and merged to a account?

His account was hacked and merged, so we do not know the account name, and his gear was deleted (checked on Wow Armory). We tried to call them, but their lines were all busy and we emailed them, but they haven't gotten back yet.
He also had a trojan, which we were suspecting was the culprit.

dknol answers:

Open a ticket in game and explain to the gm what happened. It's the fastest and easiest way to have it fixed. You'll probably never get a response by email. When he gets his account back, tell him to get an authenticator from the Blizzard store. They are dirt cheap and it's the only way to make an account 100% hack-proof. Also tell him to get some dang security on his system (that isn't crappy…) and use common sense when surfing the internet. Most of that crap can be easily avoided.

Lisa asks…

where can i sell my World of Warcraft account safely? its #1 on server?

Im looking to sell my world of warcraft account, but i learned the hard way craigs list is a horrible place to go, due to scammers. My account is ranked #1 hunter on the server right now, and im looking to get some bucks for my work. any suggestions for sites? (if your interested in buying, throw me an email at , ill send armory page and what not.

dknol answers:

Try It is a online gaming forum for people to sell there accounts. You can Use a Official middle man on the site to not get scammed (admins). The payments are usually done through via paypal. Hva eany questions about sythe? Just email me at

Ken asks…

World of Warcraft: Websites for Raiding Groups?

I know there are sites for free that will web host for a guild, but I'm looking for one that will do that for a raiding group that is not filled with members from a single guild, so pulling members from Armory won't work.

Is this even possible? Is there a site out there that has things pre-setup and templates like the guild sites do?

dknol answers:

You can make a google spreadsheet, but as far as I know there is not a website for groups, only guilds.

David asks…

Different gear builds for World of Warcraft?

Does anyone know what the site where you can choose talents and gear for a character (i.e. a paladin), just to see what the stats would be like etc. Like an armory, but you can choose what class/gear/talents.

Thanks in advance :)
Something like Wowsage yeah, except it sort of has to be free.

dknol answers:

You're missing a ton of 2h dps builds, most of which were decent pre-patch and got a signficant buff post patch. The 51/13/7 Blood build, and the 3 deep Frost builds (17/54, 21/50, 27/44) are all missing.

The 2h Frost tanking build is deeply wonky. Everything in unholy past Anticipation (which is mandatory) and before Gargoyle (which is too deep to get) is at best meh, and and worst suck for people heavy into frost. Not having Subversion in any form of 2h frost build is painfully hamstringing, and while omitting Imp Icy Talons isn't a dealbreaker, you absolutely need to be taking something better than the things like Corpse Explosion, Virulence, and Epidemic to justify it. Http://

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