Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Addons

Joseph asks…

Does World of Warcraft have an addon that shows positions of your friends?

Does World of Warcraft have an addon that shows positions of your friends?

dknol answers:

Carbonite. It can tell you the position of guildies, group/raid members and I think friends as well. It is also a very nice map mod and leveling mod at the same time. I definitely recommend it.

Robert asks…

How to: Make a World of Warcraft addon?

If someone would give me a detailed guide on how to make third party software (addon) for World of Warcraft, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,

dknol answers:

Warcraft addons are usually made using the programing language called java, which can be utilized with programs such as netbeans or jcreator.

This tends to be a bit of a technical thing and would require a lot of programming experience. One thing you could do though is take already made addons and open them up and play around with them untill you learn what you need

Hope this helps :D

Sharon asks…

What is the name of the WoW addon with damage on the screen?

It's kind of hard for me to describe, but what's the name of the World of Warcraft addon that shows the damage you do with attacks slightly to the right of the middle of the screen?

I used to have it, it makes it easier to see how much you hit with certain attacks like Mutilate.
It's not scrolling combat text, I dont remember what it was called tbh..

dknol answers:

Yes Recount shows the damage per second DPS your doing as well as any one in your group if you have it set up to record their data.

John asks…

how to fix disconnected from server wow problem?

everytime i try to log on to wow, it says disconnected from server, i wait a while and then delete the world of warcraft addon file from my documents…then i go back an log in and it works, but a few seconds later it disconnects me and says disconnected from server do i fix this problem?

dknol answers:

If you check that your realm isn't down due to maintenance, then the problem might be on your internet connection.

Check if firewalls are open, and if your ISP is providing a reliable and steady internet connection. If you're using Wi-Fi, make sure your router is protected from freeloaders since they can slow down your connection and make it hard for you to stay in the game.

Linda asks…

Why wont quest helper work on world of warcraft?

I only have the trial version right now, but on my old computer this add on worked for the trial version. I know how to add quest helper into the world of warcraft interface addon folder, but when i do and i try to start the game, it crashes and says error #132. I cant seem to play with questhelper and it makes me sad :(

dknol answers:

Update to the latest WoW patch. Then uninstall the old Quest Helper, install the newest updated version. Extract it to the Add-On's file.

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