Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Addons

Robert asks…

World of warcraft addons is it safe to use ?

wats the site ?

dknol answers:

Yes they are safe, and they are a big help in some of the more tedious stuff you do in WoW.

I use Omen, Atlasloot, Questhelper and Auctioneer. You can get them from WoWUI and Curse

David asks…

My World of Warcraft addons folder isn't anywhere to be found!!! What should I do!?!?

I went to install the Questhelper addon and I couldn't find my addons folder anywhere… I looked in every single folder!!!

dknol answers:

Don't manually install addons, use WoWMatrix It actually works unlike Curse Client, which doesn't work on Vista(as far as I know) its fast, easy, and free. Don't waste your time trying to figure out where to put stuff! I know, that sounded like a sales pitch… Lol!

James asks…

What are the safest websites to get AddOns for World of Warcraft?

I really need a questhelper, but I do not want to get it from a website with viruses and everything. Are there any suggestions?

dknol answers:

Http:// is the only one I use.

Donald asks…

Why can't I use addons for World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade?

I have the 2.4.3 version, and there's no “Addons” button in the “Character Select” screen, and there's no “Addons” tab in the “Interface” menu.

dknol answers:

Make sure you have add-ons for the version you have… Most add-ons widely available will be for version 4.0 or later (the current retail version).

Sandy asks…

Is it cheating to use Addons on World of Warcraft?

Hello, I am just wondering is it cheating to use addons on world of warcraft as i never cheat on games and never want to as i like playing games legit earning everything myself etc
I downloaded the Curse Client but still want to know if its cheating before i use it
I downloaded the Curse Client but still want to know if its cheating before i use it

dknol answers:

An add-on that aids you in playing the game is not cheating. An add-on that plays the game for you, or that hacks the game and changes the software in some way, is cheating. Curse is pretty good about allowing only “not cheating” add-ons and getting rid of the “cheating” ones. Keep in mind, though, that it is up to Blizzard to decide whether using a particular add-on is cheating or not. You may start using a perfectly good “not cheating” add-on only to find that your account has been suspended because Blizzard suddenly decided that add-on you downloaded and installed a few days, weeks or months ago is now forbidden. Your best bet is not to use any add-ons that don't come directly from Blizzard. – LJS

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